What Other People Would Say About Being Happy, Dolphy and Bob Ong


Back in college I had this professor who, for me, was so good looking. He was our course’s area chair and at the same time, also taught some of our major subjects. He looked a lot like Filipino actor Gardo Versoza, but he was more moreno and had this expression that made him seem like he’s serious all the time. He was a lawyer. A CPA lawyer, at that. And he was only 29 years old at that time. He wasn’t extremely good-looking but the way he carried himself made him so attractive not only to me, but to my other female classmates as well. He liked conducting classes that only had a couple of students enrolled in it. mMade the class easier to handle and more personal, he said. And the wayhe would teach, you wouldn’t even mind that it was a Law subject because it was like the class was just sharing a story. He was a good looking teacher not because of his looks, but because of the way he interacted with us, his students. A good example that a person doesn’t need to be drop dead gorgeous to be considered good looking. -Ai Kozu”

I would always remember Dolphy as Kevin Cosme – my most favourite sitcom character. I have heard a lot about him, especially from my late mother who was a big fan of the phenomenal John en Marsha. I was not born yet during that time so to me he is and will always be Mang Cosme, the only man who made me laugh for ten straight years.
-Leah Christine Chavez

What Makes me Happy
In times when the feeling of being buried in the cellar of negative thoughts comes, endorphins releasing foods like chocolates turn to be my ultimate allies. Never mind about consuming a lot of calories, since the most important thing for that moment is to regain the positive attitude and be optimistic again.

Who is Bob Ong?
Bob Ong, a Filipino author who particularly appeals to teenagers, is somehow a cross between Robert Fulghum and J.D. Salinger. His stories depict the Filipino’s way of life with his own distinct touch of humor and wistful reflections. He is rumoured to be ugly due to the fact that this man prefers not to show himself during book signings. Whether that’s true or not, we’ll never know.
– Shella Amora

How to make me happy
Making me happy is easy. Waking up after getting eight hours of sleep is enough for me to start my day on happy note. I am certainly happier and even grateful that I was able to wake up and did not die in my sleep. Simple things make me happy. Even silly things make me happy. Knowing that there are people who love me and accept me for everything I am really makes me happy. – Ivy Claire Oledan

How to make me Happy

Happiness is an emotion that everybody loves to feel. If we could all choose to be happy all the time, then we definitely would. It’s manifested by the smile on people’s faces and a great, unexplainable feeling inside.
If you were to ask me what makes me happy, a lot of things do. Basically, it’s everything that’s perceived as good, such as good grades, nice friends, delicious food, comfortable weather, and most importantly, true, uplifting and inspiring words from people and from God.

It’s not hard to make me happy. It’s my disposition. It’s God’s gift, let us make use of it. Smile, Laugh, be Merry, don’t worry!


How I remember Dolphy


How I remember Dolphy? I remember him as a comedienne, a man who never gets tired of making people laugh. I remember him as a blessed man, blessed with love, kids and grandchildren. Dolphy was a man who lives his passion, traveled a great journey and live a fulfilled life. That’s how I remember him. May he rest in peace.

– Cliff Hazel Santos


Who is Bob Ong?


Bob Ong is the pseudonym of a Filipino writer named Roberto Ong. He is known for writing bestselling books like ABNNKBSNPLako, Paboritong Libro ni Hudas, Mac Arthur, Stainless Longganisa, Kapitan Sino to name a few. He really do captures the heart of his readers as its stories will not just make you laugh or be entertained, but it also reflects the current situation of society in different walks of life. That the answer for the question “Who is Bob Ong?” But if you will going to ask, ” Who really is Bob Ong?” well, it is still the same question of his patronizers. As of now the well known writer choose not to disclose his true identity to the public.


– Senna Candame


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