What can make your boss love you?

Bothered by your nauseating boss who doesn’t know anything else aside from yelling at you and throwing over plenty of reports for you to accomplish? Or are you very anxious because you think your boss hates you? It isn’t unusual to experience those kinds of stuff at work. What you can do is to follow some simple tips to make your boss love you and establish a good work environment.


The first thing you need to do is to accept that he/she is your boss. Always be positive by not having a wrong perception of your boss. Strive to understand that your boss was placed in that position because he/she deserves it. Accept the fact that you are your boss’ subordinate and you need to abide by what he/she says.


Then reflect. Ask yourself: Why does my boss act like this towards me? Does he interact the same way to others? Think of the possible answers to those questions. It might probably be due to your job performance. You might not have focused well during working hours so the work is done with errors, or you haven’t realized that you’re being discourteous.


Once you’ve identified the factors causing your boss’ hatred towards you, possible solutions can be sought. Concentrate on transforming yourself. Try to be punctual and come to work on time. Establish a positive work environment by always wearing a smile and being polite with everyone. Be positive in your work and prevent from showing a lazy attitude in the office.

You can also discuss about this with another employee. One who is of high rank in the company is much better. Talk to him/her about your problems with your boss. Just be cautious in choosing the appropriate words to explain it because that employee might misunderstand your intention. Ask him/her for some useful strategies on how to deal with your boss. Creating allies is beneficial in having a better work environment.


Distinguish what your boss likes in an employee. He/she probably wants someone who can submit well-done reports even before deadline, or someone who still accomplishes some other tasks even if the work is done already. Most higher-ups in the company also like employees who can work with very minimal supervision from them. Avoid raising too many suggestions to your boss during meetings. It’s better to bring up a few but brilliant ideas to impress your boss instead of making him feel that you’re a know-it-all type of person.


Do not hesitate to ask your boss for feedbacks. After accomplishing reports or tasks, ask your boss on what he/she thinks about your performance. Never take personally if you receive criticisms. Be positive in your thoughts. These criticisms, in fact, allow you to have a room for improvement. Ask questions if necessary. Then don’t forget to thank your boss for the feedbacks because these can definitely help in letting you have a better performance in the future.


You can flatter your boss at times. Praise him/her if he/she gets successful in anything like a high rate of sales of a project that he/she started up, etc. Remember that everyone loves being praised and appreciated.


If all these strategies fail, then maybe your boss is the real problem. It’s probably time for you to resign and seek for another job in which you’ll certainly love the work environment. The future is bright, seek out new opportunities. There is more to life than just a lousy boss.


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