Using LinkedIn to Increase Professional Credibility

Professional credibility is very important. This is the basis for your career success. Credibility is accompanied with success. With competition at its peak, having the edge in professional credibility is critical.
There are many ways to build credibility. With today’s social media gaining access to business – it becomes another channel to boost you professional career. For the internet savvy professional, this is an advantage. This is where LinkedIn comes in.

Linked Is the Facebook of Professionals

LinkedIn is a top priority for professionals. This is a social medium specifically made for professionals. With over 120 million users, this is the place to get noticed. This is a place to grab attention. When used properly, LinkedIn will work wonders in building professional credibility and reputation.
Consider LinkedIn as the Facebook for professionals. This is a place where you don’t have to be cool to get noticed. This is a place where your intellect is on the spotlight. Just like Facebook, it allows a network of users. Use this network to share knowledge and your point of view. Get connected to people that share your profession. Share your experiences and your specialization. LinkedIn is a place to get social with people who share the same professional passion.

LinkedIn is Dynamic

Every second, a new professional joins LinkedIn. This means there will be 86,400 new users for LinkedIn tomorrow. This is a growing community of professionals. This is a place where members listen every day. Each day you gain a new group of audience. Unlike FB or Twitter, LinkedIn builds a network of people in the same group. This is a growing channel of people sharing the same interest: Career.

LinkedIn: The Business Leader’s Social Media

Do you know that the CEO of your company is a member of LinkedIn? Almost all Fortune 500 company executives are tuned to LinkedIn. This is a place where business leaders listen. This is a place where they built credibility and reputation. This is the place where you will be doing just the same.

Using LinkedIn Answers to build Professional Credibility

Now that you’re convinced of LinkedIn’s effectiveness, you should start building credibility. The most effective method of doing this is by answering questions.
LinkedIn has a Question and Answer community. You can use this to share your expertise. Not too many people know of this option. To join the Question and Answer Community, hover over the “MORE” tab at the top navigation bar. You should find and click the “Answers” link in the drop down menu.
A list of categories should appear at the sidebar. You should pick the category that has strong relevance to your field and profession. There should be questions readily available to answer after you pick a category. You can also filter questions by picking subcategories.
These questions are all asked by LinkedIn users. You should take your time when answering these questions. People see you as the expert in your field when you answer more questions. The “Best Answer” award is chosen by the question’s originator – the answer automatically moves on top of the list of answers for a particular question. This is the most common path in building a reputation in LinkedIn.
Continue to answer questions related to your profession on a daily basis. You can monitor specific categories in LinkedIn answers. You can use the RSS “subscribe” link to activate the feed; this makes it a little bit easier to follow your category of interest.

Customize your BIO for SEO, It works!

LinkedIn can provide professionals with a powerhouse network. This can be done by spending time on your bio. Make your profile and bio search engine friendly. Basic Search Engine Optimization should do the trick. The goal is to be noticed. Research the specific keywords that are commonly searched and scatter these on your bio. You can also anchor link these keywords from your blog, FB or twitter.
Do not overdo the linking and the keyword stuffing. Do this gradually and it will help make your LinkedIn home page appear on search engines. This is a really convenient way of getting exposure.
A special tip for your external profile: Do not use the default setting. Create a customized external link. This also makes it SEO friendly. Use Google’s add URL option so your profile will show up on related searches.

Get connected and Invite Your Friends Over

Start connecting yourself to professional peers. This makes them visible to you and vice versa. The bigger your network, the bigger your exposure and the more you’ll be able to grab attention.

You can also invite your friends over. You will not be the first person in your office to join LinkedIn, and you won’t be the last. Get connected with those already in LinkedIn while inviting those that haven’t been using it. You can use your email address book for this, but make sure to be courteous when inviting people. Try to personalize your invites rather than automating it. Adding sincerity to your invitation gets more reaction. Add everyone you know in LinkedIn. Try to know everyone with a related field of interest.

Getting Help from Testimonials

Ask for testimonials. Testimonials and recommendations give you more credibility. When other people can make you look good, everything becomes better. Try to get serious at it. Testimonials give you weight, especially when from a credible source.

Do Not Forget the Real World

LinkedIn can’t save you. Neither is it an escape from the real world. A good online reputation is useless if you don’t have any real world value. LinkedIn can help you promote your business and advance in your career. But, you can’t rely on it alone.

Always remember that you are a professional and not just a profile. Your LinkedIn credibility can only support your professional credibility. You can generate leads, find potential clients and find industries in need of your services through LinkedIn, but, your real value is still defined by your expertise and work ethic. LinkedIn cannot make you smarter; it can’t expand your professional capacity. It can only aid you in building a professional credibility.

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