Top Pets to Keep You Relaxed after Work

First, if you can bring your pet to work, it would be amazing! But I guess not. I don’t think even Google will allow this. So we focus on pets that you can work with after work. What are we looking for pets after work?

Here are ten things we can think of:

  1. Less stress to take care of
  2. Relaxing to take care of
  3. Low maintenance
  4. Visually enticing
  5. Not noisy
  6. Entertaining
  7. Funny
  8. Easy to feed
  9. You can love
  10. You will see grow

Why are we focusing on these types of pets? Because these are the pets that can help you cope up with life. This doesn’t necessarily mean that these are corny boring pets. Nope! These are pets that you see growing right in front of your eyes and find fulfillment. These are pets that you will miss every time you go out of town, and you will pay attention to their welfare. These are pets that get your mind out of work so you can live your life comfortably without the stress work offers.

These are some of the pets that I am pertaining to:



A Scottish Fold kitten with a blue and white c...

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A cat is less likely to die when you forget about them. Leave out some water and some food and they will find a way to live by their own.  They are affectionate little creatures that will cuddle with you.mae sure you don’t have Asthma; it’ll break you down like big tree with a sharp axe, that’s for sure!

Cats are very clean. They don’t need that much time to take care of. They will fend for themselves.

Popular cat breeds:


  1. Manx cat – This is a cute tailless cat that will hunt preys. If you have Rodent problems, best to have these pet.
  2. American short hair – If you want popularity, bring in the good old American short hair that has been imported from England during the settling.
  3. Chausie cat – This is a fierce looking cat, a hybrid of a wild cat and a domestic cat. This is one feisty fellow. Bring him in if your want that fierce character greeting you every night.
  4. Turkish Angora cat – This is one of the oldest cat breeds, although it is certainly one of the classiest. The fluffy hair is very elegant to look at and really cute!
  5. Ragdoll cat – Unique to these breed are the blue eyes and their sweet temperament that can really make your day.
  6. Scottish Fold cat – Fold describes the lops:  an ear fold that is unique to this sweet dude. They can be long haired, but really cute. Imaging a cat that looks like an owl, can you?
  7. Persian cat – A short muzzle, long hair and round face. What else would you want in a cat?

These are the cutest of all cats that drive pet lovers crazy. If you want to take care of one, you better choose from the breeds given above.





Image of Osteoglossum bicirrhosum (Silver Arow...

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So what’s with the Fish? A fish in a tank will need the most minimal attention. All you have to

do is buy a fish tank with a good filter and then you can leave the fish there for months. Remember to feed it though.  A fish can also play with you. Let them know that you are the boss and that you take care of them.


Popular Fish variety as pets:

  1. The good old gold fish – This is a really easy fish to take care of. Just a common tan will do, some fish food and that’s it. Who doesn’t recognize a gold fish anyway?
  2. The Friendly Coy fish – Coy is best for the fish ponds but doesn’t necessarily mean that they don’t fit well in an aquarium. You’ll have fun watching this fish swim around like Phelps does. Really active. These are also symbols of masculinity for the Japanese – reason for the tattoos.
  3. Arowana – A lucky charm for the Chinese, these are carnivores that will give you the elegance needed. They can grow to 3 feet or more. This is the fish you want if you really become serious about fish caring. You should have a 50 gallon aquarium for a 2 ft Arowana.
  4. Flower Horn – If you want to be a little more serious try this one. You have to make his head bulge to be successful. This is a pretty challenging fish to take care of, but takes a smaller space.
  5. Sat waters (includes the clown fish ) – Now this is challenging. For one, you need to recreate the ocean by using some formula and then some corals. Pretty darn hard to setup but really easy to maintain.



Colored Birds ♡

Image by αl غαllα © via Flickr

One of the most majestic creatures God has created. Make a bird follow you and you can leave him out of a cage and bathe with you, maybe even sing with you. It will be very nice to live with a much tamed bird.

Birds are also need minimal attention. Just give them water and some seeds and then you are done. No need to walk them to the park. Easy isn’t it?


You should start with these 2:

  1. African Love Birds – These should come in pairs but if you want the birds to match up with you, it will.  Bond with a love bird and you will reap the benefits.
  2. Cockatoo – This is one smart fellow but really enjoyable. Get this one to do some tricks and he will give you the treats.





Image by Mozul via Flickr

One of the rising pets, Geckos is nice to look at and will clean your house of roaches. Just have a terrarium for them and it will look just fine. They won’t be moving that much and you’ll just have to find a way to find some insects to feed them. Get those with very nice colors and you’ll enjoy them.


Three fun Geckos:

  1. Giant day Gecko – This is very good for starters. Novice Gecko lovers will enjoy this. They have bright coloration, usually in shades of green and red and they do have some activity in terrariums like climbing glass. You can also keep lovers in a cage so they get some romance going on.
  2. White lined Gecko – These are ill tempered little dragons that can behave given the circumstance: You car taking very good care of them.  Take care of them in the same way that you take care of other geckos.
  3. – These are nocturnal geckos, perfect for the late home activities. This’ll sleep when you are out and will be active when you arrive home. Sweet isn’t it?


The pets may be easy to deal with but remember, you have to commit yourself in taking care of these pets. They will give you comfort only after you give them what they want: A home.





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