Selflessness towards Career Success

Of course you would want to stand out among others especially when you are aiming a promotion at your current job. You can strive to get noticed but keep in mind that it would be more possible to get promoted if you involve the people on your working environment.

  1. Do not avoid your colleagues when they approach you. Try your best to help them if you can. Sharing what you know will let you gain their trust. It’s good to prevent selfishness and share, but always set limits. If you tell them everything, your boss might not need you anymore.


  1. Have a fair share of work. Do not act mighty and claim all the tasks. You’d regret it when the deadline is nearing. Leave some for your co-employees.


  1. Even though competition is prevalent in the business world, take initiative in seeking for ways to cooperate and impress your boss. Teamwork is good so all of you can work together for a common goal.


  1. Acquire positive work qualities. These include being lively and encouraging. By simply smiling at others, your colleagues can get hold of your positive work qualities and all of you can get a lot of tasks done.


  1. If your colleague did well on his/her job, do not frown and get envious. Instead show appreciation on it. Congratulate your colleague and let him/her feel how you admire his/her capabilities. Remember that you can’t always be the star. You can give chance to others but don’t underrate your capabilities. Just have the positive working qualities and continue working harder to impress your boss. You’ll have your own time when you can shine and get promoted.


  1. When a project is given on your team, allow other members to contribute their ideas. Avoid doing everything according your way. Who knows? One of them might have the brilliant plan for the success of the project.


A selfless attitude can lead you to become a successful owner of your career. You were showered with talents. Better utilization of these talents can be achieved if you shared these to others. When you have the sincerity to work selflessly, sooner or later you’ll reap good rewards and get promoted as well.


Instead of nagging or being part of the assholes of your workplace, learn to help them them be part of positive acts of your environment. Live on with the positive attitude.

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