Reports and Presentations: Be Positive To Keep the Nervousness Away

It’s a must for every employee to experience standing in front of executives and managers, and talk about something worthy for the company. In more plain terms, you need to be positive during reports and presentations to keep your apprehension from ruining what you have worked hard for. This is the chance to show what you are made of. This is the chance to get noticed and improve on your career.


It is usual to feel anxious as public speaking is what most individuals fear. You undergo sweating of palms, whole body’s trembling as if the weather’s freezing, heart’s pounding so fast, and feeling like your mind goes blank once it’s your turn to speak. These are signs of nervousness, and worse for some, panic. Well dear, it’s not yet the end of your career. You can adhere to effective strategies on managing your nervousness, such as acquiring positive work qualities, and have a notable presentation that will undoubtedly impress your boss.


No one can have the ability to search for good solutions to a trouble without starting with the cause. Ask yourself, “Why am I nervous?” Then possible factors will be identified. Fear is mostly the reason why one gets anxious during oral presentations. You fear that you might forget what you need to say, that you might look dim once questions started to be thrown upon you, or that you might not give your desired impact to the public. Now take the steps to avoid these.


The first thing you can do is to be positive. Yes. Optimism is the key to keep the nervousness away. Follow the methods on how to achieve positive work qualities. Know who will be listening to your report or presentation – the audience. You can ask them beforehand about their expectations regarding the report. It will help you to recognize what you need to do, easing anxiety and worries. For example, your audience is the higher ranked executives in the company and they want reports to be formal and simple. With this you must present something plain and direct to the point. However if you’ll have a presentation among potential investors and they want something that would encourage them to work with your company, you should prepare a striking and attractive presentation. A successful report allows you to impress your boss.


You should also read your report or presentation thoroughly. Make sure that you know more about the topic even if they’re not included on the presentation. Gaining better knowledge regarding your report makes you become an expert of the topic, and you can effortlessly answer every question asked by the people in the meeting. It increases your confidence and be positive.


Sometimes memorizing your speech isn’t effective when you suddenly got distracted with fortuitous scenes. If one asks you a question, your thinking will be focused on gathering the right answer. After which, you probably would forget what you should say next. A very good top is to have some keywords written on cue cards and practice delivering a speech through these keywords. If you have presentation slides, put only keywords just to remind you about what you need to expand to the audience. Avoid typing the whole report on the slides. It will make you useless because they could just read everything on the slides.


For a more perfect presentation, practice and prepare. This allows you to be positive and decrease the anxiety you’re feeling. You would be more confident in delivering your speech and be acknowledged for a job well done.

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