Naggers at Work: How to Deal and Be Positive Against Them

Some jobs endow you overwhelming stress and pressure. With the different personalities of the employees working in a single company, each has unique approach on dealing with stress. Some become naggers and offer you frustration, while others just seem not to exist at all. Handling interpersonal relationships is a must-have skill of an employee. Trust me – you won’t go any further in your job without discerning how to interact well with your colleagues or your boss.


What are you supposed to do when there are colleagues who seemingly can’t find any happiness at work, always complaining about this and that, and you can’t get more done because of it? This nag-work attitude will not bring in any productivity in your part and you should always see to it that this does not affect you. You need to be steady. Do not every go astray and be part of the bottom feeders of your work environment.


Accept the unfortunate fact that there will always be people like that.

There will always be persons who prefer to induce negativity rather than positivity. This “nag work” activity will always come to surface, especially in stressful- high pressure environments. Acceptance is a good start to have the capability to deal with these types of people. You might not be able to change that nagging colleague’s attitude, but you can definitely change the way you handle the situation. Be careful on your behavior to prevent you from ruining interpersonal relationships.


“Nag work” situations can start with almost everything silly in your environment. A colleague may nag about his redundant duties, his problems at home, his routine work, his prolonged stay in the company, the endless paperwork. Accept this fact and learn to let go of your perfect world. Only then can we start to rid of this “Nag Work“effects.


Most of the time, this naggers are lazy and insecure so they tend to find assurance that they are doing well and that they can justify their actions. Do not try to hail them for it. Just accept the fact that they are present and lurking.


Practice being calm and cool on “nag work” situations


Do not allow a nagger to bestow you with negative vibes or worse, obliterate your whole ideal working environment. If you lose your temper and begin to get mad at that person, you can’t deal with him/her appropriately. Yes, your idea of a great workplace is over once you don’t become calm. Having self-control will get the nagger’s attention.


You should always be considerate to people even if you hate the way they act. Be silent about it in public but you can tell him jokes about what his nagging about. Nagging come with being repetitive so you should also counter this one with consistent calmness. Just go with him for a while or excuse yourself because you have to deal with something very important.


Allow the nagger to release what he/she feels.

Mostly they would complain about how difficult their task is, how it isn’t their ideal working environment, or how they hate their job at that company. Just let the naggers do most, if not all the talking. Maybe this is their way of releasing the stress they feel. They purposely repeat those negative complaints over and over because they just feel that you don’t listen. Be that person whom they can open up to. They will be able to trust you and it is a very good way of creating good interpersonal relationships. Just remember not to criticize them for what they feel.


You can close the conversation with joke to lighten his day. Understand him and make him feel good about something and maybe this “nag work” drag will come to an end at least for the day. Do this consistently and you’ll end up helping him develop a more positive mind set.


See if your colleague is nagging reasonably.

If he/she has true reasons to nag about, ask if your help is needed. Maybe you can help by giving a little piece of advice on how to deal with those dilemmas for a great workplace. Nag-work situations occur when there are issues not covered in your workplace. These are the internals of your work environment. A colleague can nag about his work and relationship with the boss, his achievements; he may also be criticizing you.


See to it that he does not affect your mindset and   always set the tone of the conversation even if he is right. He may be right but doesn’t give him the privilege to continually annoy you. Speak to him about his point and let him know the options with which he can settle his nagging.


Set limits in talking with your nagging colleague.

Listening to his/her complaints for longer period of time can make you a negative person as well and you won’t get more done. That is why it is always good to set limits. Don’t allow your co-worker to destroy your ideal working environment. Always try to maintain positivity.


The “Nag work” situation always gets to you, whether in conversations or criticisms. There is no hiding from it; it maybe from a direct report or from a supervisor who continues to follow up on things as if he doesn’t trust you. Always put an end. Never start to fuel his fire. End it as early as you can without being rude. Try to give a little advice and rid yourself of annoying situations. More people  suffer from a nagging colleague than you may think of.


If the above tips didn’t change your colleague’s complaining attitude and you find it unreasonable already, just ignore him/her. Sometimes there will be a point wherein you won’t be able to handle the situation anymore, so it’s best to turn to your supervisor or manager. Tell them about your situation and ask for appropriate disciplinary measures regarding it. At least you’ve tried your best in establishing good interpersonal relationships with your colleagues.


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