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Work environment can be described as the place you work or the people around you, or the way work takes place with a kind of atmosphere. This can also be understood or taken in 2 ways it can be materialistic or a feeling.

When we see it as a feeling, it is all about group of people under one roof working on various things based on their profile.  Yet the achievement or the motto attained is one. But it is mainly depending on the management as to how they build this healthy working environment.

When we see it as materialistic thing, it is more on looks, styles, facilities, comforts etc., but it is a must to have both in an organization. Most of the researches conducted convey that apart from the feeling of working, the materialistic look is more important as only the “feel good” factor in every job contributes to 100% results.

Building a positive working environment Why is the materialistic look an important factor for working? Every company or an organization has their own ways of making their work environment as healthy as possible. More than defining it as one’s cubicle or desk, I would prefer calling it a second home, a majority of the day for any working professional is spent at office.  Here are a few suggestions for having a great work place. There are many ways to keep your employees feel good in and around the work place.  There are a lot of ways to motivate your employees to perform their best at work, providing healthy and fulfilling working environment is definitely a responsibility of the employers.

Building up reliable environment: One can always decorate the office or have the utmost fashionable and trendy look, but beyond all this, there is one important basic necessity, this is invisible yet can be felt all over easily. I name it as Reliability and trust. This is something which has to be maintained from the senior most to the new comer, this is to be built within the organization; a work environment becomes too fragile to handle without it. It shows in the simplest of all things as keeping up words, and sticking to whatever you have committed on. At times of hard circumstances, it should be dealt with most care; being clear and upfront with open conversation makes things easier.

Importance of giving Importance: We all seek attention in everything we do; it is quite obvious that after an outstanding performance at work you will definitely expect appreciation. It is very important that you know your employees and recognize them in the right time. Allocate sometime to listen to their problems and be a people person.

Setting expectation & Effective communication: Be clear in your expectations and goal settings, it is better to communicate your expectation in the clear terms. By this way both are in the same line; it’s easy to work on a common goal.

Highly motivational & Impactful! : A leader with powerful positive thoughts can motivate his or her followers effectively. It is very important that the leader or the senior in the company is firm with their goals and highly impactful over their conversations and activities.

Analyzing and understanding your employee: Every employee is hired only after seeing certain uniqueness in them, every employee is should have their own identity. It is very much needed that you understand and analyze their working style and performance. By this way you can guide them when some things are going the wrong way. This will build respect on you and the company. Only when an employee sees growth in an organization can he be truly motivated to do more.

Be a friendly person: It is very important that you try to be a people person, or an open person. If employees have any concerns they should feel free to talk to you. That is the ultimate relationship you need to build with your employee.

Focus on encouraging learning activities: Where there is constant learning there is constant improvement. If an organization has a learning and development department, you can always ask them to plan some courses on factors that contribute greatly to your environment. Encourage your fellow workers to take more training which may be related to general topics. By this way the knowledge imparted is be used somewhere: meaning it is imparted in an overall sense.

Need of Feedbacks: The Company should always work on getting constant feedback from Good working environmenttheir employees; this can be done through a monthly or quarterly meeting. I am very sure that your employees will give you lot of feedback on the improvement area, when these points are taken care of, it is quite obvious that your employees will be happy with the work environment

Expansion opportunities: When there are plans of expansion in the company you should ensure that you encourage and promote your existing employee to participate in the developments, rather than hiring a new one. This way you will win the trust of your employees. When they know that there is growth in the company and they are taking part in it, these will automatically relate to a high retention rate in your company.

Rave Culture: This is one culture which can work wonders, may it be a simplest thing, encourage your employees to rave their fellow workers even if they receive the smallest help from one another. This way the mutual respect and basic courtesy grows in an organization.

Having Crèche at office: Inflation, cost of living, changing lifestyle etc., has brought the necessity for both Husband and wife to work. At this rate it is highly impossible for working parents to handle kids at home unless their family is secure at home. With the concept of nuclear family, it is that parents look for a trusted source and a healthy place for their children to grow up, and the place to be at their closest. Having a child care or crèche at office is a brilliant idea to support working women as this gives the feeling of safety and easy accessibility whenever needed.

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