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The title of this article is so irresistible that you want to read this immediately. Most often the title of an article is so good that you would want to read it immediately, however you discover that you have already lost the interest of reading the article as it did not have what you expected. This is where your bundle of negative thinking arises and in no time brings in psychological stress, which directly or indirectly has biological effect on your mind, body and health. This is exactly where I see the determination and confidence taking a deviation. Positive thinking and confidence goes hand in hand, as both contribute to successfully manage stress. With the right stress management, positive thinking will lead you to lot of health benefits.


A new study conducted by University of Wisconsin has reported that having negative

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thoughts and emotions have effects on their immune reaction toward certain vaccinations against flu.  Not that it should mean anything, but you’ll probably start to think: Hey! My way of thinking affects my health too.


Well, we are all aware how human beings are so used to mood swings, and we want to see and do things which really make us happy or make us feel good.  But most often all the situations and circumstances in life is not in favor to us. However, fighting over the trouble, situations and consequences are the only way that teaches us how to be positive.  It is quite natural for every human on earth to have problems and issues in life, in troubled times your determination and confidence definitely gets a dip, the only thing which will back you up is positive thinking.


All of us know the power of meditation, which is nothing but binding your concentration on a given focus without letting your mind to deviate, and bringing you deeper. For me mediation is talking to yourself and finding out what you want in life.


“In the attitude of silence the soul finds the path in a clearer light, and what is elusive and deceptive resolves itself into crystal clearness.” Mahatma Gandhi.


One must also understand that, positive thinking is also a way of meditation. The power of positive thinking is very vast. If you want to think positive, change the way you look at things, try to see positivity in everything you see and do.  Most often human thoughts always promote our desires, when a desire is thought over and over, that becomes reality, only you are responsible for your thought & actions. There is nothing in the world that can stop you to think positively. Once you change your way of thinking, you will automatically know how to be positive.


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According to many studies and researches, it is proven that working on little things like change of lifestyle and thinking pattern helps you a lot on the long run. Here’s a few which most of us have may have forgotten over the periods of your life as everything is moving too fast.


Planning your life: Planning is very important in any step that progresses to your life. What you plan today will be your tomorrow.  It does not mean you go over and beyond, which is not a bad idea, but at least be focused on a yearly plan. Once you start being organized, there is no symptom of any unplanned problems to arise in your daily life.


Here planning does not include only finance, planning can be anything, like enrolling yourself for higher studies, or purchase of automobile, land, or an vacation etc.,


Take up one thing at a time: While performing any task, work or personal life, complete your task one by one, not 4 or 5 at a time. I do agree, in a way multi-tasking is good, but most of the time quality has to be compromised. It is always advised that you take up one thing at a time and complete it effectively and efficiently.


Make time for yourself:  When you don’t have time for your own self, how miserable the life can be?

End of the day, it’s your life, and you only have to lead it.  So, take some time to do things which you like. It can be as simple as taking a walk, pampering yourself in a Spa, treat yourself an awesome dinner in your favorite restaurant etc.


Strictly stick to your Vacation Plan: Your yearly planning should definitely include a long year end vacation. This is the most important activity which will encourage you and keep you going the same even the next year. Plan your vacations to the place you have never been, because the language, food and people in each place will make a difference in your vacation and by end of your vacation, you have learnt something than usual.


Live the moment: Your importance towards planning is important, at the same time, do not think about it over and over, you should learn to enjoy and live your present moment, as all of us know, this day is never going to be back.


Make the right match: Get closer to the people whom you find positive, this exercise will definitely contribute to your goal of staying and thinking positive. When you get closer to the people with positive thinking, your environment changes, your way of thinking changes, you will feel positive, and automatically all problems will look smaller for you to solve.


Manage your mind:  If you are able to manage your mind then you are able to manage all your issues easily. Do not let your mind rule you, focus on ruling your mind, it is not going to happen overnight, but with constant practice you can manage your mind.

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