In love with a Colleague?

Are you getting inspired by someone at work? Or are you having trouble on completing your tasks because you’re getting distracted by a colleague that you like? Just like in any relationship, being in love with work colleagues has advantages and disadvantages. Whether in a relationship or just dating a colleague, these can also bring in some benefits. Let’s run through the pros first:


You’ll spend more time together. Going to and from work can already be considered a date, that is if you both enjoy your time together. So if both of you go to work during weekdays, you’ll have five dates per week. Not bad, isn’t it? You get to have lunch together. You don’t have to worry about making time for dates or activities (at least not that frequent), the common problem of most couples.


Dating a colleagueYou have a reason to enjoy coming to work. It’s a fact that the pile of tasks we receive at work is one of the major contributors to stress that we experience as we go through life. The job we need to finish on time gives us constant worries and fuels up the indolence within us. However being in love with colleague can inspire you to work harder. Of course, who wouldn’t want to leave a good impression to someone you like? Just don’t overdo it.


Getting in love with a colleague makes you more comfortable. If you fell in love with your colleague, maybe find a relationship later, it’ll only be due to any or all of the following: beauty, talent, attitude, shared interests and cool hobbies. This means that you have to find the opportunity to get to know you co-worker before actually dating him/her. You would surely be at ease with each other since spending more time at work gets you to find out more about him/her.


There will be understanding in both parties when one gets hot-tempered at times. One reason of lover quarrels is being occasionally short tempered due to stress from work. Since both of you work at the same company, you can understand each other when one is going through a hard time at work. No need to ask your partner about what’s bothering him/her. You’d have the ability to quickly think of an idea on how to comfort your partner. This is going to be nice.


You can help and support each other. From the anxieties that your job gives you, there are less worries because you know there’s someone who can stay beside you and give support. You and your co-worker can assist each other in overcoming work-related problems. At least you know there is someone in your workplace that you can trust.


Although the advantages of being in love with colleague and dating a colleague seem beguiling, you must take note of the consequences too. Love is a double edged sword, much more edged when shared at work.


in love with a colleagueThis can result to an uncomfortable working environment. Colleague relationships can start gossips in the company (especially if it’s kept in secrecy because of some complications). Even if there are people who will support you as a couple, there will always be those employees giving ghastly remarks on you. This is most common to superior-subordinate relationships where favoritism can be the topic of disappointment from the other employees at work.


You can get distracted. Not all persons who are involved in a romantic relationship with a co-employee; or maybe just dating a colleague can take it as an inspiration to work harder and obtain optimal results. Some may get distracted, and find it really awkward. You might be overly conscious of how you’re doing your work because you want to impress your partner, or someone you wish to go out with. With this, you are likely to lose your concentration more than get focused on the task. It may be easier to impress your boss rather than impress a chick or a hunk; it might also be more difficult on taking them out to dinner.


Mixing professional with personal matters is anticipated. In relationships, there will always be a time when both of you will have misunderstandings. This tension can be brought to the company and you won’t have the ability to stay away from the snooping eyes of the other employees. If you can adapt to these types of situations than I bet you will be staying together for a longer time. Before trying to date a colleague, always think about the future. If it’ll lead to career problems because your just trying to F*ck and get out, it may cause more devastation than a night’s pleasure.


Other employees are neglected. When you’re in love with colleague, you tend to focus only on that person and forget about the others. Though this is unintentional, you might have no one to run into anymore if your relationship didn’t work out. This is inevitable. You will have lunch together, go home together, share some office tools, share desks and cubicles. Yes, it is sweet but always remember you have colleagues that you have to build relationships with too.


You have the chance to become jobless. If the company prohibits employee relationships, the two of you would definitely lose your jobs once the heads found out about it. Although a company that imposes this is corny, and they should be banned. If you are working for a company that has this rule, and you think that he/she is the one, quit your job and find some other one. Of course, I bet you won’t. Don’t gamble too much about it, make sure it’s worth it.


If you’re sincerely in love with a colleague, then you must take responsibility. Carefully plan ahead and discuss with your partner about what you need to do. It would be good if you create an exit plan as early as possible so that you’d be ready if ever you lose your jobs due to your relationship. Whether dating a colleague is right or wrong, it depends on how both of you would handle it.


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