Impress Your Boss 101: Dining With Your Boss

The key to an ideal working environment is maintaining a good relationship with colleagues, most especially to your superior. That is why you must always try to be at your best to give a good lasting impression to your boss… even when dining with him/her. Having lunch or dinner with boss may be awkward or an honor for some. Either way certain things must be kept in mind to help everything go flawless.



1. Accept the Invitiation. When your boss invites you to eat out, gladly accept it. This is a way of showing respect to your superior. All of you might have been encountering stressful working hours. Having lunch with boss is a good chance to take a break from all the stress and negative vibes between you and your boss (if there is). A dinner with boss is also another opportunity to get to know him/her better so that you’ll feel more comfortable working with each other.

 2. Look good. Make sure you are well-groomed. Have time to have your makeup retouched and look stress-free when invited to have lunch with boss. If you’re invited to have dinner with boss on a day off, on the other hand, choose appropriate clothes to wear. Refrain from wearing revealing tops or dresses and short skirts because it ruins your professional image.

3. Turn your cellular phone on silent mode. This is one way of showing respect. It may bother your boss and the other customers in the restaurant when your phone keeps on ringing. If a call is important, excuse yourself then answer the phone outside.

4. Make a good decision when it comes to ordering a food. If it is a “casual lunch with boss” thing, order something that is not substantial but won’t make you hungry either. Be conscious of the price as well. Do not order something that is expensive especially if you’re not pretty sure that your boss would be the one paying for it. Well, there’s no harm in being wary. When having dinner with boss, make sure to keep away from foods that can give you difficulty when eating or else you must prepare for a possibility of embarrassment. Do not order foods such as pasta, corn cob, and seafood like lobster and crab.

 5. Refrain from being selfish. Your boss would surely ask you, “Where do you want to eat?” Sometimes this is just out of their courtesy, when in fact they want to eat at a place they’ve decided upon. What’s better is to ask your boss the question instead. Remember that you should always prioritize what your boss likes before yours. During discussions, you might unnoticeably be talking about yourself most of the time. Offer leads to your boss for him/her to discuss about what s/he wants. Let your boss start the topic of conversation.

6. Keep relaxed. Stay calm and composed while dining with your boss. There’s no reason to get nervous! Show him/her that you are enjoying the meal. It will definitely please your boss.

7. Maintain the sense of professionalism. Having dinner and lunch with boss can be a casual thing to do for employees. However you should always be careful in your actions and words. You might be brought along by the comfortable mood and accidentally say something that you might regret later on. Apply good table manners and dining etiquette. Do not forget to call your boss “Ma’am” or “Sir” even outside the office, unless you were told by your boss not to do so. Being professional makes you look decent.

8. Don’t forget to show your gratitude. Merely saying “Thank you!” is already a way to let your boss know that you appreciated the meal with him/her. This also furnishes a feeling of fulfillment.




Just as you get invited to have dinner or lunch with boss, it is also inexorable to get invited to drink alcohol. It has been a part of getting along or interacting with people at work so it is somewhat an imperative to come. Nevertheless come prepared! You must take caution when drinking with boss to avoid unfortunate events.


Apparently your goal when drinking with boss must be to stay sober until the end of the meal.  When you know how to handle the “drinking with boss” session properly, you have nothing to be afraid of anymore. Of course, you know your alcohol intolerance. If you know you’d get tipsy after drinking a bottle, make sure you won’t be able to consume one bottle of alcohol.  One effective tip is to chat while slowly drinking with boss. In this way, time would pass by without your boss realizing that you haven’t even finished up your glass of alcohol or wine yet.

Not getting tipsy would prevent you from doing silly things that would absolutely embarrass you. It also keeps you from showing off your disappointment and saying negative comments regarding your stressful work.


Dining and drinking with boss allows both of you to get to know each other. Who knows? This might be your boss’ way to discover if you are a good choice for promotion.

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