How to be Positive at Work: A list for the Stressed out Worker

Maintaining Work-Life balance and how to be positive at work


We always here: “Stay positive!”,  but with the vastness of this phrase it will be better if we break them down into tips on how to be positive at work without sacrificing your Life balance.


There are several factors affecting one’s work attitude. A stressful working environment may hinder a person to perform effectively. Everyday struggles like deadlines, uncooperative clients, demanding bosses and bad rumors are just some of the biggest stressors a person may face at work. In all these

struggles, people long to be positive and be able to approach work with a straight face.  To able to work efficiently and meet your goals, you should demand a good work relationship from colleagues, you inspiration and dedication.


Before we go down to the list it is most important to keep an open mind and to be an optimist in the most adverse situation. Although you feel like your boss is the devil (pun intended) most of the time, and they make your life miserable, sometimes this is necessary to make sure that the quality of work meets the company’s standards. How to be positive in all of this? If you feel like going to work takes so much effort and takes so much away from you, pause for a moment. Now, compare yourself to people who are jobless and people who would do everything to keep a job at all cost. If you are to live and buy the things that are necessary to live your life comfortably, then you have to work. But how do you stop yourself from being affected by all distractions that just won’t let you finish your job? How do you to stay positive while facing quotas, meeting metrics, finishing the workload and then go home unbroken? Now, we’ll go to the list of things you can do to keep good work relationship, stay posit

ive in the most impossible situation.


 Leave your work at the office


Okay it’s 9 pm and you are still


t work cramming, you have to meet your deadline by 8 am tomorrow and you still have to finish one report, what do you do? You can’t just leave your job at the office, so, you will bring it home and finish it there. When you finish your work at three am, you will then

sleep and wake up at 6 am. Okay, let’s admit that something is wrong in this picture. This may seem normal to some professionals out there, but simply put this is not a healthy work practice. If an assignment is given to you, normally you are given a time frame to finish the assignment (usually an impossible one). So how do we prevent bringing work assignments at home? Do you make excuses? Do you just leave it at your work table and sing come what may? How to be positive in all of these? The answer is you don’t.


When an assignment is given to you, starting today you will ask your boss for a realistic deadline, something that you and your boss can compromise to. You will not say yes with his demands is it isn’t attainable. When you know in your heart and mind you won’t be able to finish the job without compromising your work-life balance, share your thoughts. When your employer hired you they are fully aware of your capabilities, they are certainly aware that they hired a human being and not a robot. Although you are just an employee, you have the right to maintain a life outside of work.

Keep your friends close


If you are to survive in a workplace, you have to make friends. Working in a stressful work place without someone to talk to or vent out to is not going to be easy. If you can build a good work relationship, stay positive by doing your job while minimizing stress by engaging in casual conversation with your friends at work.


Lunchtime gimmick


invite your friends to lunch outside of your workplace, or eat outside of the building in a bench, this may seem a small step on how to be positive at work however, sometimes the smallest things can make the biggest difference.


Avoid rumors


Okay at this economy, you can lose your job in an instant but exposing yourself to rumors of you losing your job is not a good way on how to be positive at work. As much as possible don’t engage in this kind of conversation, it will be untrue until your boss says so.


Keep on going and focus on the facts. Rumors don’t bring anything but negativity. One good note on how to be positive: See to it that you are on top shape. In that way, you don’t have to be at risk at anything.

Random act of kindness


If you see everyone being stressed out, do something nice for them, like a box of donut for everybody. This random act of kindness will go a long way and will give you a good reputation at work. This is also a good way of having a good work relationship. A good atmosphere at work is start of having a good work-life balance.


Don’t forget to have fun


A busy work place needs one thing to relieve stress, laughter! Laughing gives the work place a positive feel and happiness is contagious, always remember that. Infect everyone with it. Get on with some small pranks, one good funny e-mail a week. Get a good shout out at Skype and pair it with a good avatar. At the very least, smile.


Make a list


Listing your tasks make it easier to manage your goals, make sure that you also keep your time frame to lessen down your stress and cramming for deadlines. Listing also promotes prioritization and vision. People tend to do more when they can visualize their goals and the things that they need to do as a first step for success.


Learn to appreciate


If you still have the same questions going inside your head and how to be positive seems vague, learn to appreciate them some more. Look at your surroundings, you are in a place you chose when you were looking for a job and now that you are already there, you are unhappy and stressed out. Breathe for a minute, take another look and bring yourself back to the very first day of your job. You’ve come a long way didn’t you? Are you backing down now? Are you weaker than what you were before? Be positive and the future will be brighter.


Maintain a positive outlook in life


You cannot give what you do not have, if you see all things in a bad angle, your sight may be hindered. I am not asking you to be over optimist, but sometimes, it’s better to see the flower in a vase, rather than the crack that’s not really giving any damage. It’s much better that way so you can maintain a good work relationship and to stay positive.


Final advice


There is no perfect list that would walk you through on how to be positive. It would always be you! Who could decide on how to react and how to carry yourself in a difficult situation? Be happy, remain being happy. Ignore things that do not really matter rather than carrying them in your head. Stay positive! If nothing works out, and your work takes more than from you than what it gives you, quit. Find something else that would make you happy. After all we only live once. The perfect work relationship keeps you on the right track to stay positive; find a work place that has this criteria, if you can’t find one, then build your own starting with yourself.

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