How Do You Improve Working Relationship with Colleagues?

Isn’t it aggravating when your work environment provides you circumstances wherein you develop the fear of coming to work? When you recognize them deliberately ignoring your presence or exchanging gossips about you, it’s time to begin doing something about this. Improve your working relationship with colleagues.

You should not be suffering from those types of treatment. You need to have good relationships at work. Building good relationships at work should be easy as long as you keep a positive vibe. Good relationships with colleagues start with your attitude.

working relationships with colleagues

  1. Do your tasks responsibly. Being aware of the scope of your duties and responsibilities as an employee is a must for you to determine your limitations and refrain from breaking up a work relationship. Never pass your work to another employee or do something that is not your job unless you’re permitted to do so. Building good working relationships with colleagues mean not being a drag to them. If you can’t be of any help, try to be harmless.

  1. Don’t be a threat. It’s very seldom to see a healthy competition in a working environment. If you stand too much and begin pointing to a competition, it may be bad. Try to decrease the pressure.    To improve work relationships, we have to be able to understand everyone’s domain. Good working relationships with colleagues start by not becoming a threat to them, especially on your first meeting.

  1. Put more effort in your job. If you are positive enough in performing your tasks, you are also able to transfer the positive energy you to your colleagues. Share and you may be able to start a good working relationship with any colleague. Giving more effort gives recognition to your abilities. Help your colleagues whenever you can and I am sure you can improve work relationships. Helping gives a sense of gratitude from them, earning you respect and confidence.


  1. Mull over your behavior. Think: Have you ever shown impoliteness to your boss or colleague? Have you hurt your colleague’s feelings due to some harsh comments you’ve said unintentionally? Have you been a snob to someone at work because you were feeling stressed up at that time? Well, if yes, this might probably cause a hostile work environment towards you. Be cautious of how you act. Always consider the emotions of the people in your work environment so that you’ll improve working relationship with colleagues.

  1. Stay calm. Remain professional by not returning the entire screaming and yelling of your superiors. Good interpersonal relationships will also be built because other employees will admire you for having a good composure in handling these kinds of situation. You can also help them out during dire work situations, help them not to panic and keep on the right track. Working relationship with colleagues greatly develop during these situations.

  1. Maintain positivity in yourself. Start creating a positive work environment. Keep smiling to the other employees in your company. A happy person surely achieves more than those who always fret. Your fellow workers will begin to like being around you because you somehow give them this upbeat feeling that energizes them to work during the day. Optimism is certainly contagious, which constructs pleasant working relationship with colleagues.

  1. Have an approachable attitude. Whenever your co-workers try to come to you, entertain them. They might want assistance or your opinion for a certain task that they need to do, or just someone they can open up their troubles with. If you are very busy to talk to them, tell them the reason why you can’t talk to them at the moment and give the time when you will be available. However stick to what you said and make yourself free on the time you told them. Being approachable means that you are enticing people to talk to you. Working relationships with colleagues will be improved with through these conversations.

  1. Avoid discussing uncomfortable matters with your colleagues. Refrain from creating conversations regarding religion, politics and sex. People have different views about these topics so chatting about it can lead to arguments.


Creating a positive work environment is very essential in the achievement of a high-quality Performance. Bad work relationship can destroy your career and lead prejudices about you. That is why you must take into account your working relationship with colleagues.

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