How did Steve Jobs become so Creative and Positive?

Steve Jobs is known by everyone for being one of the most creative thinkers, demanding bosses in the industry. He was a revolutionary leader in technology. How did he become this great? We’ll take a peek at some of the points in his biography.


Steve Loved Electronics and Technology: He loved what he did!

Steve, as a child was influenced greatly by his father. His father worked electronics for

hobbies in a garage with him on the side. He would learn how to dismantle and assemble electronics devices through his father. As a teenager, he spent his time in Hewlett Packard and had a good friend in Stephen Wozniak – The soon to be co-founder of Apple.


He experimented


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Steve Jobs was not a fan of formalities. He was adventurous and experimented on many things: a rebel in himself – He had no direction and purpose in his younger days. He was a college dropout yet he attended classes for creativity. He went to India to find spiritual enlightenment. This was after he


became video game designer.  On his way to India, travelling around the country, he had the adventure of taking on psychedelic drugs – an experiment   to how it would help him seek direction. The adventure took him to see more of the world and thus having a keen understanding of things.


He had courage: He took risks

He sold his Volkswagen bus and started his own company in his garage. This was when he and his friend Stephen Wozniak started Apple. Stephen sold his calculator and they both began on their journey to create one of the most admired companies in the US today. Steve also went to different ventures. He was one of the driving forces of Pixar that revolutionized the animated films industry. This was when he got kicked out of apple. This was a risk he was willing to take. He invested a sum of money in Pixar because he saw potential.


He took charge even if nobody believed him. He’s willing to take failure and just wouldn’t settle for blame. He has the courage to take on the responsibility without having  to nag about it. It was not pride that drove him, it was vision.


An eye for gold

Steve was a quality expert. He could see the beauty that others don’t. This is because he sees it differently. He sees the deficiencies and he counteracts with the different answers to have a mainstream solution. He can see quality from an angle with which he can surface with great marketability. He was confident with talent and again, he took risks with what he sees. He can see through quality without any bias, and he can build on that quality so others can rid f their biases.


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A positive thinker

If you were a 21 year old college dropout who experimented in Psychedelic drugs and seemed to quit everything you did, would you turn to your garage and start your own company knowing that there were giants in the industry? I bet on NO, you would be overwhelmed by competition and soon see that hey, I’d rather work for them. Steve was different. He came to his garage and worked his magic and sold his magic and earned from his magic. He did not know that he could be this great. If he did then he wouldn’t have toseek spiritual enlightenment before this. He remained to think positively and did his thing, his best. He continued to believe and to have optimism.


He was a seeker and freakin’ worked his hardest

Steve was noted to be one of the top guys in the industry for hard work. He would seek out new things and had his ideals for work checked. Not that being hard working took him to the top, but working hard became a catalyst for his growth. He needed to work hard because he was continually seeking new things and in order to find those. It was a conquest for him, an adventure! Maybe he did not know that he had to work hard, but the drive for excellence and the will to seek out new things had him on a whim try his best and just work – just work, turning the corner with his head down raging like a bull to work.


A minimalist, he knew what he needed

Steve Jobs was known to be a minimalist – but he didn’t take away comfort and convenience. He knew what he needed to be able work comfortably and he knew what he needed to do just to be comfortable. You can see it in his designs and the designs that he supports. He put streamlined products that deliver options on what you need and what you want, nothing fancy; does not give you any option that’s hard to control and does not give you anything that’s too complicated just to be hi-tech. All he gives are products that work. He was a CEO who imposed to have $1 a year worth of salary – Because he knew he did not need too much money, because he already has.


Quality and Marketability is the issue

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Anyone can do apple designed look because there are too many people that are smart enough to do so. Apple could have continued their old product lines that were superior to IBM but they did not. Why? That’s because it has to have both marketability and quality. If you had an apple looking computer but does not deliver good computing – Slow is shitty! If you had a computer that works better than apple but has an interface like it was on the Matrix and only NEO can understand – Shitty too! You have got to have a product that has the quality to compete while having the appeal to do so. Justin Bieber couldn’t win in American Idol but just because young girls worship his hair and his smile and he has the songs that get to them to act like sharks on frenzy – it freakin’ works.   This is like Steve Jobs’: Marketability and Quality.


Really Smart!

Steve couldn’t have done his life’s work without being smart. He was an unconventional kid who became a prankster, a drop out – But he was really smart. Is he a genius like Einstein? Nope! – He couldn’t calculate the orbit of mercury or the bending of light during an eclipse, but he knew what he could do and he knew his limitations. That is smart. He could have started Apple on his own, but he knew he needed Stephen Wozniak. He was smart enough to leave Apple when he knew that his life was going to over, just so he doesn’t stir things up. I’d like to think it was brilliance.


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