Great Positive Affirmations to Give Out As a Manager

Encountering stress whenever you come to work is typical. That’s why it is greatly recommended to establish a positive work environment. Doing so reduces the pressure and makes you become more eager to come to work.


One good strategy of having a positive attitude is acquiring positive affirmations. What are these? They are positive statements that you put in your subconscious thoughts. It washes away the negative beliefs you have, allowing optimism to win over. Remember that what we think reflects how we react in everyday situations. If you think positive and keep affirming it to yourself, you will behave and act the same way. It is amazingly effective in staying positive and influencing your work environment. It directs your focus and makes you become committed to achieving your work goals.


If you are a manager and you’re getting upset on how the working environment in your company behaves, then it’s time to change your employees’ attitude to help them in staying positive. Give them positive affirmations that will certainly let them work harder and more proficiently. There’s a plenty of affirmations you can use but here is a list of the best ones that you can share to your employees for them to think about:

  1. I love and enjoy coming to work every day.
  2. I am appreciated and looked up upon by everyone at the working environment I’m in.
  3. My unique talents and skills allow me to gain success in everything I do.
  4. I am an expert in my job.
  5. This knowledge I have is a great contribution to my work environment.
  6. Accomplishing all these tasks designated to me is relatively easy with my capabilities.
  7. I love accepting challenges and I’m confident in facing them.
  8. I am the company’s lucky charm.
  9. My company provides me several benefits I couldn’t even count.
  10. I can be an inspiration to others.


Tell your employees to repeat these affirmations for at least 40 times per day. Doing this assent to ignore the negativity and acquire the positive behavior automatically. If done with conviction, positive affirmations totally help you in feeling good and confident about yourself, thus manifesting a good change in your work environment.

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