Factors to Consider When Starting a Relationship With A Colleague

Imagine how much time you’ve been spending in the office or the company compared to the time you spend at home. Work takes about 90% of our time. Most employees have no idea, or perhaps are getting behind, of what’s significantly happening in the world other than those that are related to their career. Social life gets impaired. Instead of the usual hanging out with College or childhood buddies, we tend to interact more with the people we see almost every day – our co-workers. That is why romantic feelings are very likely to develop in people at the working environment. Then again, forming romantic relationships with colleagues are intricate.


There are certain aspects to be considered before starting a colleague relationship:


  1. Confirm your feelings. Do you really like your co-employee? There are some persons who tend to have misconceptions on how they actually feel. You might have just wanted the opposite sex’ attention, or was only brought along by how close your relationship has become.


  1. Does your co-worker feel the same way? Avoid annoying your co-worker if s/he isn’t interested in you. Your work performance may decline and the other employees can also be affected.


  1. Check the company policy regarding romantic relationship with colleagues. Once you have proven to yourself that you do have romantic feelings for your co-worker, you must hark back to the rules and regulations of the company you’re working into. Does your company allow dating of employees? If yes, then you may take on the next step. If not, you might want to reflect and decide whether you want to continue and keep it as a secret or not.


  1. How much do you know about the employee you want to date? Don’t be in a rush on forming colleague love affair. Always take time to know him/her more to avoid having regrets in the relationship soon. You can go out together or with a group after work for dinner. Discuss work-related matters first and then have some non work-related fun chat afterwards. This allows you to know your colleague better and you’d have an idea on planning for your real date with that employee soon.


  1. Have a talk with your co-worker. Communication is a good way to avoid regrets. The employee you want to date might not want you pursuing him/her in the office nor let the other employees know that you two are planning to start a relationship. Avoid letting things go on your way. Colleague relationship must involve both parties when it comes to decision making.


If the aforementioned factors are not mulled over before starting a colleague relationship, consequences are inevitable. The relationship won’t last long. The two of you may be the center of gossips at the company, which can lead you to become jobless. That is why careful planning and weighing of the pros and cons are a must.

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