Done with work for the day – How about tomorrow? Ten tips to keep on going

Done with work? This is one question everyone gets to hear very often. When someone asks you this question, please stay away from this person, these kinds of personalities neither do their work, nor they allow others to do work, these personalities will have strong negative thoughts and they are very good at spreading easily to others.

You would have gone through bad days at work, that doesn’t mean all the days are going to be similar. I have always felt it is in your hands to make your day best or make it worst. Most of the people around us are waiting to dump their frustration garbage on one or the other. How smart we are going to act upon situations like this?

I have always felt the motivation and positive thinking which comes from one’s own self is the strongest and unbeatable. No one else on earth can motivate you the way you can do it yourself. Remember one thing when you get up in the morning, there is nothing impossible, all we have to do is give it a try with full confidence on what you are doing, believe in it, do our part of work genuinely without expecting a price for it.  You will definitely get bigger rewards.

I don’t say everyday and everything is going to be easy and cool, if there is no challenge or competition, there is no way to get your special talent out. There are many ways to overcome your problems at work. I am sharing a few which worked for me. Again each and everyone’s needs may differ, however these points touch the basics.

Finding as to where things are going wrong: List out all your job description. Take one at a time, and assess it as to how you are doing it now, and see how you can do more informative and value add or presentable. Make sure you write down all you want to change and implement.

Stick to a daily routine: It is very important that you follow a daily routine. Getting early to bed and early to rise is not only good for your health; it is good for your career also. Try to be early to office at least half an hour; this will really freshen up your mind. In this half an hour, you can either do confidential things, or plan up your to do for the day.

Pen down all the things you think: Most often, great thoughts and great ideas doesn’t come easily. When you think of something brilliant you have to write down your thoughts immediately. It may be a suggestion to the work place or an idea to plan your vacation, or a solution to a long pending issue.

Plan the priority at work & personal life: This is one regime I would advice all the working professionals. It is very important to maintain a priority list for both professional & personal life. It can be simple as planning your day’s work, list out all your work in a diary and number them priority wise, in the same way write out your needs for basic life. It can be as simple as picking up and electronic item for home, or opening a personal savings account, or investing in stocks, Mutual funds or Insurance etc. This might sound simple; let me explain how it works. Each time you complete a task, mark a tick to it, this will give an awesome feeling of great achievement. This will boost your confidence and fuel your positive thinking. Slowly, this will become your routine and you will see things falling in place by itself.

Learning of the day: What you have learnt is only handful; you are yet to learn things the size of ocean. Plan your coffee time with your colleagues as a learning time. Plan to talk about topics which is not much talked about, it may be science, news, facts, travelling, etc, make sure everyone gets a chance to say what they have planned to contribute in your coffee time. This helps you improve general knowledge, also a healthy relationship with your fellow colleagues.

Time management: Classes on time management is easy to attend and learn, but implementing is not easy. The ideas and thoughts shared in the class may not suite your way of life, all you have to do is re-work on the plan, and amend it to your need. It will be difficult in the beginning, but sticking to it will keep you right in whatever you do.

Be a people person: This is one thing most of us fail to implement in our day to day life, may it be office or may it be family, we are so adamant that we want to mingle only with people whom we have known for long time. This is where the ultimate problem is, the person whom you are with have a great influence on you, and you blindly go with this persons words because, he or she only talks positive things about you. It is your utmost duty to lend ears to your negative activities as well. Only on correcting your negative things, you will be able to take the next step of success, if people talk negative things about you, be prepared to face it, and get over it. Only that is going to help you go closer to your goals.

Take time to do your likes: Most often what you need and what you want in life is not the same thing. I am very sure; some where you are always craving to do something which you have thought of from your childhood. Get down to figure out what it is, and start working towards it, allot a time for this particular activity and ensure to do only that task at given  time. There can’t be a bigger stress buster than this to you.

Feel good factor or self appreciation: if you are the kind of person to expect appreciation and applause for every achievement, there is nothing wrong about it, you are in the right track. Instead of waiting for appreciation from others, do it yourself, treat yourself with a lavish dinner, or a drink, or gift yourself a pair of clothing. In simple words, reward yourself. You definitely deserve it. You will start enjoying things in your own way.

Be firm with your decisions: Before you decide or talk about things or present something in front of your seniors, please ensure to do a good homework on the topic, this way you will sound confident. You need not have to know everything what’s around you, but what you know about few things at least should be firm and confidently true about it.

Be truthful, realistic & learn to say No: Do not feel embarrassed when you don’t know something. Please feel free to say that you don’t know. People appreciate when you say no, rather telling yes and perform poorly.

This is my version of working; you can always modify this to your need and requirements. Remember, only you can plan your life do not allow others to do this for you, if you don’t take charge of it, no one on earth can do so. You need to be positive and continue to work on your personal motivations.

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