Dealing with Famous Bosses, Mad bosses and the Difficult Ones

If you are working and you are not the boss, definitely, you would give names that will identify the kind of boss you have. Bosses are not the same; they have different personalities and individual differences too, no matter if they have the same educational background and management training. Let us try to find out the characteristics of a boss that you must be aware of.

Who are the so called Famous Bosses? These instances will let you determine who they are.

Busy Phone. The phone is always busy. Most of the working hours of the boss are devoted in answering phone calls. These calls may be coming from the company’s affiliates; customers who are now transacting with the boss and not with the company’s authorized personnel; bookings and appointments for media interviews; and some chit-chats from friends.

Aside from the phone calls, his time is crowded with appointments for various types of business and personal transactions. Almost all guests that you usher to his room know him even if your boss does not know them. This manifests famous bosses.

Boss Name is in the Magazine and other reading literature. When you read newspapers and magazines whether these are local or national, famous bosses’ names are mentioned in the feature page or in the business column. He is either appreciated for an exemplary performance of the company or ridiculed for some business agenda that affect the public.

Keep all about him confidential. Famous bosses will tell you not to tell anyone about what you have observed about him. He refers to his private life, his family background and anything about him and the company. If someone talks about him, he will not allow you to join the discussion or be involved for you might be able to conceal some of the information about him.

Famous bosses can be difficult bosses. If you are his personal assistant, you have direct contact with him; so, that makes you busier. Besides, you need to live up with his expectations as well. You need to be as good has him. Otherwise, he will look for another personal assistant and you will no longer have room in his company.

Famous bosses are also difficult bosses most of the time. Since they are always under pressure and their hectic schedule and tight times at work cause irritability. Famous bosses will likely preserve their dignity and integrity in the public; they tend to hide any bad feeling they have especially when they are in front of many people. It is also hard for them to show disgusting behaviors even if they are somewhat pushed to limit since they have to maintain an image. If this image will be tarnished, this will also affect the company as a whole. This then result to making their employees as shock absorbers. They become more irritable, and your small mistakes become a big issue.

So what do you do if the famous bosses get mad? You might hear your fellow employee asking, what will I do? My boss is mad at me. There are several ways to deal with difficult bosses. Why not consider the following tips.


famous bosses

Tip No.1. Let him express what he wants to say. If your difficult bosses started throwing words at you, just nod and never say anything more except the cliché word, “I’m so sorry”. These words will never work unless the bosses are done with their seemingly unending sermon. Make sure to answer him as soon as he throws questions to you. This is the right time to defend. However, make sure to do it in most courteous manner.

Tip No.2. Impress your boss. Nothing beats impressing your boss with a successful assignment and letting him know you have done a good job before the deadline. Show to your boss that you have learned from your mistakes by not doing it again. Difficult bosses can be easier to handle if they know you are doing better in your job.

Tip No. 3. Bring something that will change the office’s aura. Early in the morning, bring in some flowers. Place it in certain area in the office visible to all; but if you can do it, place the flowers in his table. This makes him appear to have fresh mind and open for suggestions from different employees. Difficult bosses can be handled this way. A good working environment will boost and enhance his positive approaches to company problems as well as to its customers and employees.

Tip No. 4. If possible, make sure to talk to your boss. Do not just tell your friend, “my boss is mad”. This will not work and this may just worsen the scenario especially if you get the advice to leave instead of dealing with your boss the positive way. Lay down all the causes for doing something wrong and make sure to assure him that you will not do the same again.

Tip No.5. Be honest. Difficult bosses will only get mad to people if their expectations are failed. Hence, tell your boss right away if you can do things right, if the deadline can be meet or not and if you missed some of his instructions. Do not accept all tasks given to you without telling him you can hardly do the tasks. Do not say “yes” if you do not mean it.

It’s so hard to find a job, a job that suits your interest, capacity and most of all your financial needs. With the tough competition in the workplace nowadays, a lot find it hard to shift careers or to look for a job. However, if you feel that you are no longer happy with your present work, no matter how much you have tried to just to cope with the challenge, then, you better quit and venture again. The choice is all yours – to deal with the boss or to find another job.

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