Can Romantic Work Relationships Work?

Due to the longer periods we stay in the office rather than any other place, you tend to interact more with your fellow employees. You gradually get attracted to someone at work environment, making it possible to develop romantic relationships. Do these romantic work relationships really work out?


Well, you can either let this relationship become your profound inspiration for beautiful work or the reason for losing your job. According to a psychological research, romantic relationships in a serious workplace can be a serious threat to your behavior and performance as an employee. It has a tendency to affect your relationship with the other workers and distract you from all your tasks. The supposedly positive and satisfactory work environment for beautiful work can be ruined if pressure is supplemented to this kind of work relationship. Nevertheless it can contribute to the company’s success is held with good management practice. That’s why you have to make sure to always bear in mind some useful guidelines before you start dating your co-worker.



Make sure that the two of you have mutual feelings before getting deeply involved in a relationship. Take time to know more about that co-worker of yours as much as possible. Go out together for “work-related stuff” over lunch or dinner first. This helps you assume what might happen if you go out on a real date soon. If he/she is not interested in you, do not ask him/her out again. Many sexual harassment cases in the work environment happen accidentally so you should better be cautious.


Most companies prohibit romantic work relationships – mostly the boring ones. So before asking out or consenting to your co-worker on a date, verify if there’s a company policy regarding dating employees. Be aware of the consequences. Sometimes if you counteract these organizational policies, the more strife it gets. Some are opted to make the relationship private, while others resign from their jobs in order to start a romantic relationship with another employee. Whichever suits you best, better be sure it’s worth it.


If the company allows Romantic work relationships, be highly responsible. There are cases wherein favoritism takes place, especially in superior-subordinate relationships. If you’re in love with your subordinate, you tend to give preferentials by bestowing buoyant tasks or anything that can give benefit to him/her. Workers happily in love surely enhance their productivity but consider the work environment – the jealous colleagues. Other employees might have been feeling at odds due to that.


You should discuss about plans in your relationship at work. Set up ground rules. Deliberate whether you’ll tell others about it or just keep it to yourselves. Either way, both of you should be knowledgeable enough that you must work professionally if you are within the company premises. Do your best in directing your focus on your tasks during working hours. Talk to each other in a professional way and not as lovers. Avoid public displays of affection – Avoid doing the “deed” in the workplace, perhaps on special occasions. You can spend some time together and do what you want after you’re done with work.


When the romantic work relationship resentfully ends, your professional work relationship with must not be affected. Although it’s difficult, do it step by step. It is inevitable to talk to each other when at work so sooner or later you’ll learn to set aside those bitter feelings and will be able to interact with each other again in a good way.


The success of a romantic work relationship depends on the pair. For this kind to work, discipline is essential. Decide about what is inappropriate or not. Abide by the said certain realistic relationship rules and strategies to help minimize discomfort in the work environment.



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