Think And Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill

How do you reach success? What are the steps that you need to take in order to earn more and own luxurious things you’ve been dreaming of? The answers are all in Napoleon Hill’s book.


Think And Grow Rich serves as the key on how you could gain motivation to reach your goals. Napoleon Hill came up with such book after spending plenty of years in observing, studying, and interviewing over 500 wealthiest and successful businessmen during that time in America. Among them include Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Theodore Roosevelt, Howard Taft, and Andrew Carnegie. During Hill’s study, he was able to collect the similarities (principles, habits, mindset, and attitude) that those successful men had and summarized them in the aforementioned book. Since Hill was really determined on that task and wanted to share to the world the effective formula in success, his book had an excellent outcome as well.


The book was first released in 1937, but the principles contained in it are still utilized by numerous people, particularly the businessmen. Since it has become the source of motivation of many wealthy men over the years, it is indeed still the best-selling book of success and life principles.


I myself got amazed on how Think And Grow Rich was able to inspire me. I’ve always been contented on what little I have, but now I realized that I can have a bigger dream and that it’s possible that I can achieve it. That’s what I’ve generally learned from this book. To bring you more valid reasons why this miraculously motivating book is a must-read, I’ll give you a better glimpse of what’s inside it.


Napoleon Hill cited Thirteen Success Principles in Think And Grow Rich and these became the steps that brought victory to the wealthiest men.  These are: desire, faith, autosuggestion, specialized knowledge, imagination, organized planning, decision, persistence, power of the mastermind, the mystery of sex transmutation, subconscious mind, brain, and sixth sense.



Those principles undeniably provide motivation to people. He has stressed out the difference between “wishing” and desiring”. The right kind of desire which will lead you to success is a burning desire. You must know what you sincerely want and from this you can create a goal. The six steps in transforming one’s desire into reality that Hill enumerated in the book were also of great help.


The book discussed the vitality of faith. You must believe that your dream is a hundred percent possible for you to achieve it. Autosuggestion influences the subconscious mind. It is necessary to create positive affirmations that will help you attain your goals. If you have an open mind, you’ll be able to seek specialized knowledge. Always have time to learn, even from the experts. Your imagination can also be a benefit if you know how to use it practically.


Apart from conferring about the attitudes of most successful and wealthy people, Hill had also identified the major causes of failure, how to move on from defeat, good sources of opportunity, and more. The book emphasized in general the significance of a positive attitude, firm decision, and persistence towards attaining triumph in life.


If you’re on debate whether to buy this book or not, I’m telling you: Why do you think this book has sold over 20 million copies if it isn’t found worthy at all?

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