The Magic Of Thinking Big – David Schwartz

Even though you don’t have the talent and intelligence, you can still reach success. How? It’s simply by learning the right way of thinking and behaving. In David Schwartz’ The Magic Of Thinking Big, you’ll get to learn all of those.


Although a classic, this book has undeniably helped a lot of the successful men since it was published. Schwartz was known to be an expert when it comes to self-motivation and personal development. His years of research studies and observations, he was able to create brilliant strategies that aid in reaching joy and tranquility.


Examples based on real life were provided in the book to give inspiration to readers. The principles and tips on success that he shared on the book are easy to understand. The Magic Of Thinking Big teaches you the things you must consider in order to improve yourself.


According to Schwartz, one of the necessary stuff that we need to install in our minds is to believe in our own capabilities. Be confident enough and think that you will succeed in everything you do. Once you have that mindset, you surely will achieve that.


Do not be afraid of failure. Each one of us is fated to experience defeat once in a while but that doesn’t mean we can never get up from that. Avoid blaming yourself. Learn to accept that you have failed and try to find away to resolve it. If there’s really no way, then it’s time to move on. Although you won’t be able to immediately move on, you can take one step at a time. Defeat is a victory.


Use your creativity to think and dream. Allow your mind to be open to change or new ideas. This will help you to progress and achieve each short-term goal you have until you reach total success.


It is also suggested to make your attitudes your allies. Brush up with your social skills! Live up to your own and others’ expectations. Inspire everyone at work by bringing in good vibes. Being positive is contagious. That’s why you need to learn first how to think positive before you are able to spread it around. Do not worry too much on a problem. Reading Schwartz’ book would teach you how to handle troubles immediately after they occur. You must also think like a leader. Influence people in your work by doing your responsibilities and being committed to work.


The Magic Of Thinking Big makes us realize how important goals are. To create a goal, you need to determine what you want to achieve – what you want to be. Knowing your true passion would be a great contribution. When you have a goal, there’s a clear road ahead of you. What’s left for you to do is to focus on it.



Most importantly, the book wants its readers to keep in mind that we become what we think. Think that you are an effective leader and you will certainly be one. Think that you would be the next CEO of a company and you will gain that position someday. These strategies are undoubtedly of value. No wonder why it became a timeless classic.




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