The Energy Bus: 10 Rules to Fuel Your Life, Work, and Team with Positive Energy – Jon Gordon


The Energy Bus is an awesome book. Once you start reading it, you won’t be able to put it down. It’s just like a novel in which you’d be encouraged to read more and more pages to find out what’s next. Thank God for Gordon’s creativity.


Unlike any other self-help or motivational books, he used a simple parable – simple yet provides an extraordinary change to your life. He created George as the main character on his fictional story. Gordon shared how a ride has transformed George’s attitude and way of thinking.


If you feel very tired and are handling too much stress, this book would totally be an effective instrument to fuel you with motivation. In the book, George has had a pile of problems due to his bad and negative attitude. A flat tire that was hindering him to reach his office in time for a meeting added up to all the stress he was having. Forced to ride a bus, he met a female driver named Joy who calls herself the “Energy Ambassador”.


However George didn’t buy Joy’s pieces of advice in the beginning. Things didn’t go well with George on the succeeding days and had been taking the bus since then. He became frantic in holding on to his life and eager to make something happen so he finally learned to accept that he needs Joy’s help.


The best part of reading the book is when you learned about the 10 Rules for the Ride of your Life:


  1. You’re the driver of your bus

You are responsible to take control of your life. If you want to change, then do it.


  1. Desire, vision, and focus move your bus in the right direction

Create in your vision what you really desire. Turn it into reality by focusing on it and moving only to that direction.


  1. Fuel your ride with positive energy

While on your way to reaching your goals, make sure that you are always positive. It permits living a more positive life.


  1. Invite people on your bus and share your vision for the road ahead

Your positive energy would increase if there are more people adding fuel to it. Remember that optimism is influential.


  1. Don’t waste your energy on those who don’t get on your bus

Avoid forcing those who do not want to be part of your life, or else you’ll just drain your positivity.


  1. Post a sign that says no energy vampires allowed on your bus

You must have no room for negativity.


  1. Enthusiasm attracts more passengers and energizes them for the ride

Share your positive energy and all of you would be able to help each other.

  1. Love your passengers

Be sincere in caring for the people coming to your life. This gives inspiration.


  1. Drive with purpose

Concentrate on your bigger goals and be committed to achieving them.


  1. Have fun and enjoy the ride

Enjoy every moment of your life and stop living on regrets.



The Energy Bus is a perfect life-changing book. Implement the ideas and principles found in it and you’d live a better life.


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