Positive Intelligence – Shirzad Chamine

Being in the business world isn’t trouble-free as we know. You have to learn how to interact well with your workmates and customers, handle the great stress that your work brings you, deal with your nagging boss, and take care of your very tired body. You have to become skilled in all these yet it seemed hopeless to get promoted.


If you want to achieve career promotion or succeed in developing high-profit business, then you must read Positive Intelligence: Why Only 20% of Teams and Individuals Achieve Their True Potential AND HOW YOU CAN ACHIEVE YOURS. Written by Shirzad Chamine, the book explains thoroughly the importance of positive intelligence in achieving success.


The insights noted on the book were also contained in Chamine’s teachings at the prestigious Stanford University. Aside from being a professor, he is also the Chairman of the world’s largest coach-training organization, known as CTI. This background that he has was what permitted him to gather more relevant information and discoveries on how to attain success by means of positive intelligence.


The book’s subtitle is actually attractive. Only few individuals and executive teams reach success by being in their full potential selves because it is only them who knew the right strategies to take. Before you could have an idea of what you need to do, you should identify first your own mental saboteurs that inhibit you from being at your full potential.


Chamine wants to let everyone realize that defeat could sometimes be the result of self-sabotage. Among the typical saboteurs are Judge, Controller, Victim, Avoider, and Pleaser. Positive Intelligence is an excellent guide in determining the right path to overcome these saboteurs and achieve not only triumph in business or career, but to personal fulfillment as well.


It is not alien to us that IQ (Intellectual Power) and EQ (Emotional Energy) are necessary for success. However PQ (Positive Intelligence) is the most essential among them. PQ has the ability to measure how much improvement you achieve.


The author used a simplified approach in explaining how such psychological aspects work in the brain. There are two regions in the brain that are relevant in this case: the PQ Brain which involves the Sage power, and the Survivor Brain which corresponds to the Saboteurs. When you focus more in stimulating the PQ Brain and Sage, your Positive Intelligence Quotient (PQ) escalates.


Through extensive research studies, Chamine formulated effective techniques to perk up one’s positive intelligence score in 21 days. Yes, you’ve seen that right! Twenty one days are enough to condition your PQ and get you ready to face success.



Chamine is confident enough to prove that his theory regarding positive intelligence is true. He unleashed noteworthy stories of successful CEOs and executives who are currently doing well in their expertise. They had put Chamine’s teachings into practice and were able to reduce a significant amount of stress, had better social interaction, and viewed setbacks in a more positive perspective. The higher the PQ is, the happier and calmer your life would be. Not only that, because you would also attain success in your career life.

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