Every Day A Friday Journal: How To Be Happier 7 Days A Week – Joel Osteen

As we go through life, it is impossible not to meet any obstacle in the way. We encounter more stress as we grow older. Now, what you need to do is to limit your worries and be happier as possible. You don’t have to worry how, because Every Day A Friday Journal by Joel Osteen is there to help you.


This journal is in fact an excellent accompaniment to Osteen’s book Every Day A Friday. If you’re wondering why Friday, it is due to the belief that people are the happiest during Fridays. On Friday, you get hyped because of the upcoming weekends. Osteen wanted to help people to live as if every day is a Friday.


Joel Osteen is a church pastor and was dubbed as one of The New York Times best-selling authors. If he is, the surely his works are great. Reading Every Day A Friday Journal is thus worth-it. The journal wants to convey the same theme as the book. The difference is that the journal is more detailed and designed to supplement you daily words of encouragement.


The book promised to guide you and undergo a great deal of improvement in 7 weeks. It involves steps and tips on how to get through each day with the guidance of God as well. Since Osteen is a pastor, you can find biblical scriptures and religious teachings in the book. Every Day A Friday Journal is divided into seven parts to help you each week:


Week 1 – Don’t Give Away Your Power
Week 2 – Know What to Ignore
Week 3 – Live Without Crutches
Week 4 -Travel Light
Week 5 – Laugh Often
Week 6 – Be a Dream Releaser
Week 7 – Celebrate Yourself


Each chapter contains inspiring real-life stories along with related quotes. He also leaves points to reflect upon to conclude his daily messages in the book. With the way the author wrote the book, more and more readers are drawn. He has this brilliant approach to convey what he wants to the readers. Although he kept on repeating some ideas in the book, it is actually helpful and necessary so that the most important parts would get stuck in your mind.


The message that the author wants to relay to the readers is to see each day as a gift. You must have faith in God and believe that He never fails to bestow blessings upon you. When you have faith, you can also be confident on yourself. One fine lesson that the book provides is to avoid thinking that the difficulties you stumble upon are given to you as punishment. Instead, consider them as something that would have a good outcome in the future. God knows what’s best for us so He wouldn’t allow us to suffer for nothing. Your optimistic thinking improves and you’d gain more focus in reaching your goals.



This is highly recommended to people who are apt to encountering too much stress and those who have troubled mind. After seven weeks, you’ll see light and have a clearer mind.

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