Code To Joy – George Pratt, and Peter Lambrou, with John David Mann

Who knows better about the way people think, act, and interact than a psychologist? Two licensed clinical psychologists, George Pratt and Peter Lambrou, developed an excellent formula that will aid in searching for sources of joy and achieve happiness in the end. Thus, the existence of the book “Code To Joy”.


It was published very recently (April 2012) and it has already captured the attention of many people. If you feel lost, miserable, afraid, and unloved, this book is definitely a must-read for you. It would allow you to be positive and have the confidence to move out of those unwanted feelings.


Pratt and Lambrou took into careful consideration the approach to use in the book. They were able to offer a holistic and comprehensive process to empower the readers. Code To Joy was made more interesting to read with the help of John David Mann, who is also a co-author. Mann knows very well how to stimulate the imagination of the readers. He does so with the way he tells stories in the book.


What induces more readers is the Foreword by famous American television and radio host Larry King. He affirmed the great contribution that Code To Joy had given to his life. Aside from him, other prominent people such as authors of best-selling books, Grammy Award-winning recording artist, and Olympic champion have also declared how the teachings from Code To Joy have changed their lives.


In this book you’ll discover that the subconscious mind operates more than the conscious mind. Our subconscious vastly affects our thoughts and the emotions attached to our beliefs. There are 7 limiting beliefs that rule the “fog of distress”: I am not safe; I am worthless; I am powerless; I am not love able; I cannot trust anyone; I am bad; I am alone.


These limiting beliefs must be gone through the Four-Step Solution to Unlocking Your Natural State of Happiness:

  1. Identify

You have to determine the painful event that gave a huge impact to the emotional conflict you’re currently feeling. This aids in determining the action you need to take in resolving the identified self-limiting belief

  1. Clear

This involves utilization of exercises and techniques that help diffuse the fog of distress.

  1. Repattern

In this step, your self-limiting belief is being discharged and replaced with an empowering belief.

  1. Anchor

Useful techniques are taught so that the empowering belief becomes a permanent part on your life and must not be used as temporary relief.


This four-step program is not complicated at all so it would be very easy to follow. It includes a range of psychological and neuromuscular tests, as well as breathing exercises. The authors had also cited several cases based on real life and how the program had changed their lives.


Five pathways to happiness were shared by Dr. Pratt and Lambrou in the book: Eat consciously; Exercise sanely; Wrap yourself in nature; Create a gratitude list; and make time for yourself. These tips could affect the body, mind, and spirit which make them vital for achieving happiness.


Read the book now and practice putting the four-step program into action. Doing such would certainly give you natural happiness.


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