Achieve Anything In Just One Year – Jason Harvey Book Review


Claiming to be “the last Self-Improvement book you’ll ever need,” Jason Harvey’s Achieve Anything In Just One Year would most definitely bring change to your life. Doctors, psychologists, and entrepreneurs from America even declared that this book is worth recommending. With such recommendation of course, why not try reading the book and figure out its value?


The author, Jason Harvey, has spent more than 10 years in studying about personal development and self-motivation techniques. To fund such research, he became the founder of the nonprofit organization named “Limitless Institute”. He also runs a blog site that contains guide and tips that induce personal development, motivation, and happiness.


On the cover of the book, you’d see the subtitle “Be Inspired To Live Your Dreams And Accomplish Your Goals”. With such, you already have a clear impression of what the book is about: a guide that offers inspiration and motivation for you to reach success. However, the book is not just a mere guide.


Harvey was able to create 365 ideas and lessons in it and you must read one page each day. Every page contains a lesson, an influential quote, and a mini-assignment or task that are co-related. Therefore you’d get to reflect on yourself and be motivated for the whole day when you read a page in the book before starting your day.


The quotes that were mentioned in the book are indeed powerful. For example, Goethe’s “Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.” Along with the ideas stated on that certain page, the quote would somehow be imprinted in your mind while going through the day. It will make you remember not to waste any minute of your time today. You would be positive enough to do everything you can today instead of allowing those tasks to wait for tomorrow. These quotes and ideas provided by Harvey serve as inspiration for you to work harder and have a focused mindset towards achieving your dreams.


Aside from the quotes, a certainly vital part of each page to read in the book is the task provided by Harvey. Don’t fret on the mini-assignment thing since it isn’t much complicated to do. Examples are: Write down 5 things you are grateful for; Can you think of a time when you spoke up recently and shouldn’t have; Do at least one nice thing for someone; and list 10 things that make you happy. These tasks provide a significant amount of motivation and optimism, allowing you to pay attention on your goals. They, in fact, help you attain your goals bit by bit.


Harvey also made clear in his book that the choices we make largely affect our trip to success. You have the power on your own life. If you choose the road to happiness, then you would be happy. It is important to discover what your true passion is for you to live life well.


Achieve Anything In Just One Year is the kind of book that would help you for the entire year. It is a personal life coach. When you follow the advices and gave your full participation in the book, not only you would have achievements in a year but your life would also be changed.



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