Bob Marley’s Positive Vibrations: Music to Keep You Positive

There are various factors that act as motivators to keep you positive at your work environment. Music is one. To remind you, people have different perspectives. For some employees, music may be a nuisance in getting their tasks done but for others it is a good energizer.

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Each type of music has distinct purposes. Classic songs can be lullabies but listening to them while taking a rest eases the nerves. They actually improve thinking according to certain studies. The better your analytical and critical thinking is, the faster you’ll get to establish a positive work environment and discover the ways on how to get promoted. Rock music awakens your soul on a very dull morning, and contributes to being positive the whole day. However it can be really distracting when it’s being played in your work environment during working hours.


When it comes to reggae music, Bob Marley is renowned. His song “Positive Vibrations” has lyrics that, when you get to understand scrupulously, help you in being positive. It is much recommended to listen to the song, or sing along with it, during the morning.


ThMarley filmed from left stage door during conc...ere are words that are repeatedly said in the song, such as “positive”. It becomes a positive affirmation which allows you to put in your subconscious thought. Since you are positive in your thoughts, you are being positive in your actions as well. It tells how being positive can lead to a better and fruitful day. The disadvantages of being a negative thinker were also stated in the lyrics: “If you get down and you quarrel every day, you’re saying prayers to the devils, I say.” After trying to listen to the song several times, you’ll surely be able to pick up the positive vibes.


Listening to such songs before beginning your tasks can create an impact to the way you get things done. Analyzing the lyrics of the songs you listen to also stimulates your thinking. Try it and you can have a positive working day ahead!

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