Best Ways to Get Your Job Done Right

If you are assigned with tasks, this only means your boss trusts you; and that, you can get your job done right. Doing your task is not about impressing the boss, but this is all about fulfilling the tasks assigned, since it is part of your job description and you are duty bound to do so.

Getting the job done is not difficult per say. However, there may be instances when you are caught of time, boss and colleague pressures of which, in one way or another will impede the detailed plan towards the completion of the task. This is not to mention the psychological and health factors that may strike you anytime. So, what will you do? Find out some of these helpful tips that will inspire you to get the job done no matter what happens.

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Get a Clear a Picture of What the Job Really is.  To get the job done, this is very basic. Know what the task is all about especially if this is not part of the routine job you usually have. If you have some questions, ask the boss right away. There may be instructions which are not mentioned or maybe, you want to clarify something. Make sure you know the deadline and other details. You should know the urgency of the tasks, so you can arrange your schedule well. Knowing the task beforehand lets you figure out if you can do it or not.


Set Clear Goals. In every task, this is very important. The goals will serve as your anchor in setting the appropriate plan and schedules. Both your boss and you may set these goals about how to get the job done. You also have to make your own goal as to how you will make the task done accordingly in your own simple way. Setting goals means setting deadlines for completion too. If the task rewards you of something after you get the job done, then, this can be one of your goals.


Be Honest. You know your capacity. Hence, you can figure out if you can do the tasks as expected by your boss. If you think you can, accept the task without further ado; but if you think you can’t get the job done, do not just refuse your boss about the task. Tell him honestly what you think about the task and why you think you cannot do it. But assure him that you are willing to learn; he might help you in some other ways. Never show negative feelings towards the tasks for this might be misconstrued as if you are declining the boss’ orders. You might be charged of insubordination; and this is a worst thing to happen.


Set Deadlines and Work for it. Your boss may give you the deadline on when to get the job done; but still, you have to make your own deadline which should be earlier than what was set by your boss. Doing such gives you the time to check if you have done the right thing. If there are some revisions, at least, you can give yourself the leeway without being pressured.


Organize the routine tasks well. As a worker, you have routine tasks which intervene with the new task assigned to you. This will not happen if you will organize tasks accordingly. Do something that will speed up the routine tasks to utilize the rest for your time to get the job done right away.

Handle Pressures Positively. Pressures about the tasks may be coming from your boss who may frequently remind you of the job; your colleagues who might have secret scorn about the tasks given to you. While you want to impress your boss and your colleagues that you can get the job done right on time, you will definitely feel the pressure and this may cloud your thoughts negatively. This in turn may affect your performance. Stand still and focus to your goals. You need to get the job done!


Condition your Mind. You need to believe in yourself that you can do it. It takes intrinsic motivation and will to get the job done. You have to think positively and that you can do the tasks better than others. Mind conditioning helps to push positive thoughts and these empowers you in doing the tasks.


Do not Accept Urgent Tasks if Possible. Mind conditioning is not enough. Physically, you get tired and even if your mind dictates you can do it, still, you can’t. Know your limits. If there are urgent tasks which may inserted in the schedule while you are doing the job assigned prior to this urgent tasks, as your boss for the possibility of extending the deadline or for the possibility of giving the tasks to others. There is nothing wrong with this as long as you know how to communicate with your boss properly. He knows your boundaries too and inserting more tasks may just affect your performances and you might not get the job done.


Do Overtime. This will really be the case when you are stealing every minute of your time just to beat deadlines and to get the job done. When overtime is allowed and your health permits it, why not do some overtime? Inform your boss about this, to arrange another payment. Just make sure you do not work overtime without approval for you might end unpaid. However, if you think you can do overtime even without pay, then, it is all up to you.


To get the job done means a lot of thing for you as a worker. This is a sort of achievement that you can add to your portfolio and to prove your worth. Whether you admit it or not, you want to succeed in your career and be promoted to higher positions. While in the lower positions, you need to strive hard and let the management know, you deserve to be promoted when necessary; you deserve the salary increases if there any; and most of all, you deserve to the kind of position you presently have.


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