Be Positive: How to Deal with Personal Critics at Work

Do you just want to receive all the tribute and praises you want rather than bumping into personal critics in the office? Is there even a job like that? Dear, the answer is NONE. Even presidents or proprietors of companies are being evaluated by the consumers, stockholders, etc. They too, receive plenty of criticisms. If you can dredge up this famed sentence: “Nobody is perfect,” then that’s the reason why we cannot avoid criticism at work. Everyone makes mistakes but these certainly aid in making us grow and become better.


We are bound to encounter personal critics. Nonetheless if you know how to deal with critics, you have the ability to accomplish your goals and have a successful career. So the question is: What do you need to do?



Most commonly we tend to get annoyed when a personal critic seemed to be underestimating you. When you are judged, the first thing you need to do is take a deep breath. Then open up your ears. Being calm and positive allows you to listen more effectively. Let the person finish what s/he has to say about you. The act of listening to others is a form of respect. And when there’s respect, you have the sense of professionalism.



If you encounter personal critics, you would initially react and defend yourself. If you immediately respond with fury when you receive criticism at work, there’s a possibility that you would end up with regrets. The effective tip: Take it slow. Not all things must be rushed especially this one. There’s no way a personal critic would give a negative comment about you if you didn’t do anything, unless it is just their hobby to put people at wrong although they were not. Think about what made them uncomfortable regarding your attitude or work. Taking time in mulling over these matters lets you respond more calmly.



Clarify things in a relaxed manner. Ask questions, such as “What specifically did you not like from the project I submitted?” or something like, “Wait, I’m a bit confused. Let me clarify: You feel like I’m not relating well to the employees of the other department?” It is always good to clarify some things before any misunderstanding occurs. It helps you a lot to deal with critics in a healthy way.



As mentioned earlier, there are people who just love saying negative comments on others for their own sake. If you think a personal critic is totally unreasonable, then do not waste time. Remain silent and completely ignore a false criticism at work. In addition, do your best in accomplishing your tasks for you to be able to show everyone that you are not worthy of those negative personal critics.



One cannot please everybody. It’s the norm of life since each of us is unique in our way of thinking. You may be a wholehearted person but you may also be bothersome to others. Sometimes you might even get a headache thinking how those personal critics view you as someone you’re not. Misinterpretations occur. The best thing you can do is to develop a sense of acceptance. No one can dodge out of the odd reality that everyone commits error.



Once you have reflected and clarified any misunderstanding or the wrong thing you’ve done, it’s time to open up. If you have accepted the fact that you did wrong, apologize. You can also say, “I’ve taken into consideration about what you told me. I will try my best to change for the better.” However if there was a misunderstanding, discuss your true intentions, that you did not mean for others to view it differently. Having this kind of open communication is a very good way to deal with critics.


Isn’t it annoying when you receive the same criticism or comment over and over again? If you do, it only means that you are not progressing as an employee. Ask them to give you some tips for improvement. These suggestions can help you properly deal with critics.





Sometimes, criticism at work can affect the psychological well-being of a person. A personal critic can hurt your pride, decrease your self-esteem and give you the thought that you will not, in any way, be a successful person. However it would be better if you deal with critics by having a different view towards them.  Why don’t you try considering these judgment or comments as vitamins? Just like a vitamin, a personal critic can augment fuel to your overall well-being, giving you the enthusiasm to work harder and become more competent.


Consider all of these tips and you’d do well when you need to deal with criticism at work. It is inevitable, especially in the highly competent century we are in. Just bear in mind that every day is a battle and you cannot progress if you do not know how to maintain a positive attitude.






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