Be Positive: Bring in Something New Every Day

You probably have spent so much time in the workplace together with your colleagues than at home together with your family. If you have already spent so many years working to earn a living, what motivates you to be in the workplace every day in the whole workweek without being tired? Have you been into trouble getting up early, just for you not to be late; coping up with peer pressure for you not to be outcast; trying to deal with the boss for you not to be charged of insubordination? You might have suffered a lot at work. But then, what made you survive all through these years?

Here are some simple tips for you to follow, so working can be a lot of fun. These tips may seem unusual, but you can try it out and it will definitely work.

Working on Monday means the beginning of your weeklong working journey. Try to have a positive outlook as the workweek starts. The long work waits. The positive energy that plants may bring can help. Bring in fresh flowers to your workplace. Better place it in the center table if you have one or in your desk; so, working on Monday starts with a fresh aura.

Colorful flowers with invigorating aroma, well arranged in the vase give beautiful and vigorous sight for everyone who visits you in the office. Working on Monday should be a lot of fun. Never start the week with a negative force within you as well with the people around you.

If working on Monday seems like a beginning of an unending battle; then, you are wrong. There are more Mondays to come your way and as usual, this is the first day of work for most of the workers. Hence, bringing flowers means, you are giving the day a warm welcome. You do not want to be working on Monday full of negative thoughts.

How about working on Tuesday? On this day, it is hoped that you still have enough energy reserve. This is the second day of work, so definitely, you still have the enthusiasm to get going. Working on Tuesday is just like working on for the rest of the days. Stay fresh and welcome all positive thoughts. You need more energy since; there are still 3 days to go before the rest day.

When working on Tuesday, why not bring in inspirational quotes with you. You can print them in big letters and hang it in the workplace where everyone can see. Some quotes may seem clichés, but it works. It sounds like a food supplement that energizes the body. As you end up the day working on Tuesday, you should have enough energy reserves for more working days ahead of you. Working on Tuesday must be fueled with more enthusiasm to prepare yourself when working on Wednesday and the rest of the days.

Working on Wednesday comes next. And why not bring a new handkerchief? The reason behind seems funny but this works. Working on Wednesday means more workload and so the handkerchief is your partner to relieve you from stress, to pamper yourself and to help you relax. When you feel very tired working on Wednesday, this new handkerchief can wipe away your tiring sighs.

If working on Wednesday is indeed tiring since this is the 3rd day of the week; what could it be, to be working on Thursday with you? The workweek is about to end. You still have 2 days to go. What should be that something new to bring? Bring with you anything that will help you relax while working on Thursday. You may try to bring new pair of slippers or even if it is not really that new for as long as it looks good and clean, then, it’s alright. Some might bring something soft like a small pillow to cushion their back. You need support for your body to be at ease and comfortable when working on Thursday.

Now, working on Friday seems too easy for you since, intrinsically, you are motivated to give halt to a weeklong workload. For some, this means, working so hard and meeting deadlines to avoid back logs. Working on Friday is indeed something to look forward to, since the following day is your day off. This is true for those who are not working after working on Friday.

To end up working on Friday, why not remodel your office a bit so it will appear something new on the following week. This makes working the next week more exciting and inviting. The office will be offering a new aura and you will not hassle yourself anymore in arranging or cleaning the office when you come back to work.

Working on Friday ends up the long working days. This is the day to be thankful and prepare yourself for more weeks ahead. The following days must be utilized to regain your energy. Indulge in recreational activities to treat yourself for the achievement you have. Ending up working on Friday without being absent is already an achievement that you must be proud of. This only means, you have managed your work very well. The power of having something to motivate you helps a lot; so working on Friday will not end up with you being absent since you are now in a hurry to take a rest.

The routine goes on until your retirement days. You need to work for your family. You need to earn and prepare for your old age. Being positive makes you more motivated to work. Give yourself more reasons to love your work and think of ways that will inspire you to work every day. Always listen to your instincts, to what you believe will empower you. Bringing in something new every day is just one way of giving yourself an energy boost, giving your eyes something to look forward to, and exercising your brain to believe that best days are ahead of you.

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