Assholes at Work: How to Deal

As much as we would like to have a fair peace of mind at our workplace, there will always be that one employee, even two or more if you’re unfortunate, who loves making your working life wretched. The worse fact is that there are still workplaces wherein certain employees experience harassment or offense inducing their fear of coming to work. This is known as hostile work environment.


In some companies, expect the ill-fated things that can happen in response to an employee’s attempt to join a union that was created for the purpose of going against the company’s unreasonable rule or for causing any trouble to the management,. The bosses, including some employees who are seemingly attached to the management, will do everything to endow pressure to that employee forcing him/her to quit.


Now how should you deal with a hostile work environment? How should you deal with this especially frustrating bosses or even employees? First of all, know that you can still do something to establish a safe working environment, be positive!. Accept the reality that these things could happen in some companies. Boost your confidence and always be prepared. Put in your mind that you have the power and ability to keep your job. Never get intimidated by those frustrating colleagues. Focus all your attention to your tasks instead and get some work done.


Do your best in being calm and not losing your temper. Remember that their purpose is mainly to annoy you, so showing them that you’re getting mad only permits their plan to be a success. Do not have time for those who are likely to spread rumors about you or criticize you. Build trust with the people who believe in you and spend more time with them. They can offer you help when you feel like you can’t stand the freaks in your workplace anymore. Who knows, someone from them might also be a good mood fortifier! Ask these positive employees for effective strategies on how to deal with the hostile working environment.


When your boss forces you to finish plenty of reports and tasks in a short period of time, avoid complaining and start doing it immediately. In fact, getting busy at work diverts your attention. It lets you forget for a while that you are in a workplace wherein some annoying individuals are present. Be professional. Since you are the subordinate, it is a must for you to respect and follow your boss’ commands. Get some work done before the said deadline because it’s just the same as telling your boss, “Don’t underestimate my capabilities and skills. I’m way better than what you think of.”


If you’ve already done a whole bunch of effort in instituting a safe working environment and yet nothing has changed, then it’s time to report about this situation on the human resources department or higher authorities. Also, update your resumé and begin searching for a career on new companies. It is the last resort to colleagues who opted to continue the hostile working environment.

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One thought on “Assholes at Work: How to Deal

  1. It feels good to ignore bullies or troublemakers. But, having to answer or talk to them about the job or something you need is painful. The best thing to do is pray to God, remain calm and positive, and maybe look for another job elsewhere.

    If the job environment and the bullies/troublemakers become worse, then you should apply for another job.

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