African Voodoo for a Promotion at Work


This made me laugh so hard – but then I stopped. Maybe the witch doctor monitored my laughing at his craft. Then, I started laughing so hard again – I never knew African witch doctors had e-mails.


Read this comment:

I worked for my company for 4year and i did not get a promotion and a friend of mine who was also once a victim introduced me to a spell caster and the spell caster did it spiritual thing and the next day i was promoted to supervisor and i tell the doc i do not like that and he promote me to the manager i was so suprised and greatful for he has done a nice working helping me. contact this man on he is the only help to promote you fast in your working place


I didn’t do any editing on the comment. I won’t be approving it either. Approving such a comment is idiotic – I have to write a post about it.


This is what scares me, technology and internet marketing has really gone a long way. When Voodoo uses the internet, no one is safe. The whole world is covered by their powers. If it was true that Voodoo can get you promoted, why shouldn’t you wish for anything more than a promotion?


Anyway, this post doesn’t necessarily take any biases. You can contact the email address and try to seek out this “doc”. I am not going to, but you can. It’s the end of the fiscal year for most companies and it’s time for annual reviews and appraisals. I hope Voodoo can help you.


As for the larger percentage of people who don’t believe this voodoo promotion, try to ponder upon the tangibles and intangibles of work. If you have been at the bottom of individual contributors and you keep on complaining about it, I guess you should try to ponder deeper on the real reasons. Promotions are made because of reasons. Promotions aren’t made for more reasons – This is where the problem starts. Think about it. You are not doing something or Your boss isn’t doing a thing for you. You two should talk about it.


Voodoo – If you resort in this, I guess you should stop working. Magic can’t help you get to a promotion properly. If it gets you to that spot, you should be ashamed of yourself. You have just become one of assholes in the professional world.

The comment said he was promoted to manager? Why didn’t he wish for a CEO position? His department is now bound for doom! Not unless the witch doctor comes in to intervenes. I wonder if the witch doctor makes an affiliate marketer out of the posters. You will soen be seeing this on ebay and amazon: “Instant Promotion at work for $100”


So this is just out of curiosity – How much would you think this witch doctor will charge?




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