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Positive thinking is an Art of bringing together your mind and heart in same line to achieve your desired goal. It is a feeling of good thoughts and confidence to achieve what you want. In simple words, it is an internal voice or power which keeps you going even in the toughest time of your life.

Not all are gifted with this by birth. It all depends on you as to how you are going to handle and approach things. Basically you can find 2 types of people, the first category is people who are self-motivated and can work positively without any push or counseling. The second category people who will need counseling too often and they are very weak in self motivation. Again positive thinking without a planned goal is useless. One must initially figure out what exactly are you looking out of your life.

ready for the dayOnce you plan your goal, it is quite natural that you will see a lot of changes in your day to day activity.  Your mind, body and soul will automatically start falling in place to line up for the next activity towards your goal. Now this is what I call positive thinking. Often when this comes within yourself; this will remain as the strongest asset as compared to external motivation.

When think of this topic in depth, we can say it as a state of mind, or one’s own belief on his own-self. Ultimately it is all about belief. If you believe in something strongly, there’s a very high possibility that you can achieve in your life.


Let me explain how exactly this works. For example every person on earth has an aspiration for certain lifestyle or things. But very few people take their aspirations seriously. People with strong positive thoughts see and plan every step towards their goal. People, who take life easy or rather I would say lazy, will find the excuses not to do the right things. All of us know that achieving their goal will not happen overnight. The end of day what wins is constant effort and confidence; these are the things that can help people get through their dreams.

Understand one thing; the power of positive thinking is vast and incompatible. It works wonders only when you believe it and work towards it.

There are many ways to ignite your positive thinking; here are few ideas and thoughts to bring in self motivation.


positive thinkingLook for the right people to mingle with: The first and foremost important step towards positive thinking is to choose the right person’s company. Even if you are going to spend only couple of minutes with anyone, ensure to be with the positive thinking person. Remember Positive thinking is contagious, negative thinking is wildly contagious; the effects of negative thinking spreads easily and takes too long to rid of.

Short rewards: As all of us know your goal cannot be achieved overnight, it always takes time; this again depends on your planning, when you are taking every step towards your goal and you get through it, treat yourself, and award yourself! These small treats and awards are the first sign of positive thinking: Knowing that you have achieved something and that there are more things to do.

Confidence and believes: I call this as your wild guts. When are you confident about things? When your knowledge towards a given topic is 100% accurate, you know in and out of it, when you are sure about the output or a result of a particular action: that is confidence. It should not become over confidence, this happens when you start believing and stop learning, so it is very important that you gain enough knowledge before you step into any activity.

 Best practices: There are enough best practices on a daily basis. You can start your morning full of life and energy by taking a first step towards your health, by going for a walk: a positive start for the day! Showing care and love towards your health, pampering your body will bring you a long way. Try to do things which you have not done before, a sport, food, or mingling with people etc, these are small tests for yourself to know how strong you are at the time of hardship.

Think big: it’s free: This is the magic word which has made wonders! There is no limit for one’s imagination, think as big as possible. I am very sure whatever you are imagining or thinking is what you want to be or what you need in life. This is again a good sign of positive thinking. You can never be successful if you put in small talks. Think big, build big, act big!

Take more charge over your life: Yes, you should take more charge over your life, this means, you should live the way you want to live. Even the simplest action of choosing your own breakfast, dress, life style etc, choose and do what you want to do, as long as it doesn’t fall away from you. Feel you, own yourself.

Fuel your creativity: All is blessed with a special talent, try to identify your special talent and work towards improving it. You will be astonished by your capabilities; this feeling of success is unbeatable. When you see things being successful with you, you will feel the warmth of positive thinking.

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