The Pusitiboo team is made up of professionals that give thought to having a kind and enjoyable workplace. We aim to spread the positive way of life that we enjoy.

We are a core team of engineers who spread around looking for positive thinking individuals to share their thoughts, lists and methods on their way of life.  We envision this blog to be a collaboration of professionals that share the same thoughts and beliefs about how to be positive. We plan on opening this blog out to public once we push and gather for a greater audience. You can be a part of our community once we fully establish Pusitiboo.

Pusitiboo started as a counter attack to the professional world that is plagued by negativity. We hope this small blog brings in some help for your professional life. We come with a fun loving spirit to give you another angle of the world, the positive side.

We’ll continue to be positive.


The Pusitiboo Team

Alvin Skilpad – An Electronics Engineer who currently chose to specialize in RF systems so he can radiate all his positive energy in a higher frequency to the world. He spent over 2 years climbing tropical mountains in search of inspiration for Pusitiboo, later finding it on the beach while skimboarding.

 Phil Reine – A Software Engineer designing websites and database systems. He constantly indexes positive notes of the world so he can build it up on Pusitiboo. He has excellent mimicry of human voices, tones and accents that he uses to bring upon smiles on his friends’ faces.


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