A Smile a Day Keeps The Negative Working Environment Away

There is no other good start in being positive than by having humor. Laughter’s power is enormous that makes it indeed the best medicine. It eloquently heals the tension, stress, and pain. Now let us discover how a simple smile unleashes its power in a work environment.


Most of the time, you become drained of your energy even if you have just started working early in the morning. This prevents you from focusing on your tasks and from working beautifully. It is unavoidable, but of course you must begin taking action upon it. Here are effective ways on how to be happy at your work environment:


  1. Smile upon waking up.

Once you open your eyes from your sleep, avoid thinking of the loads of tasks awaiting you on your day ahead. Instead begin smiling and thank God for another beautiful day. Once you smile and think of happy thoughts upon waking up, you’ll certainly be happy throughout the day. A positive start induces a positive work environment.


  1. Take care of your health.

Before going to work, make time to eat breakfast. It is said that you should eat more during breakfast than lunch and dinner. Having a full stomach gives you much liveliness and happiness to start your stressing day at work. Take up vitamins if necessary so that you’ll have more energy in working beautifully.


  1. Courtesy is always appreciated.

Wear a smile and greet everyone you see at work and be surprised on the feedback you’d get. Saying a simple “Good morning!” can give enlightenment to others, unconsciously bestowing you back the positivity you first provided. Happiness, just like positivity, is contagious and is a main factor in establishing an ideal work environment.


  1. Work together with your colleagues.

How can you not be happy if everyone is working together as a team? A collaborative working environment permits sharing of thoughts and ideas leading to greater results. With the achievement of the company’s goals through your team work, all the employees in the company would have a smile on their faces.


  1. Grow the number of your friends.

You must always recall the importance of professionalism during working hours because it is especially essential in a collaborative working environment. Show respect to your superiors and co-employees by addressing them as “ma’am” or “sir”. Nonetheless it isn’t also bad to make friends with your colleagues. During break times, you can chat with each other, go out for lunch, or have some get-togethers during weekends. Doing these things can lets you become comfortable with each other when it’s time to get serious at work. With them as your friends, you can find a reason to enjoy coming to work every day.


  1. Stay away from negative vibes.

If you have done everything but still can’t influence a negative co-worker, then it’s time for you to keep away from him/her. Prolonged exposure to negative people can make you a pessimist as well.  Ignore them so you can have more motivation in working beautifully and a happier life at your work environment.


There are numerous ways to be happy at work. It is just your choice whether you want to stay on the positive side and be happy or waste your time procrastinating how you hate your job. Decide wisely so you can begin setting up a happy work environment before it’s too late.

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