3 Steps to Get Out of Being Insecure at Work

Insecurities happen in a tough competitive working environment. Not everybody can be happy with their reviews, promotions and new opportunities. Many professionals feel insecure towards a colleague, towards their working environment as a whole or to other departments in a company. This is basic human nature. This is part of our competitive nature that continues to drive us. But being insecure can bring you down, make you seek why the hell you are not getting more from what you have been working for. For insecure people, This may be a sign of jealousy which one should admit first before getting out of. Does Mr. Insecure work a lot? Nope, he builds negative thinking that tries to cling on his belief that he can’t do things and that everyone ease is better than him.


We can always get out of this state. We should! Being insecure at work may lead to social burden and an unhealthy working environment – may lead you out of a collaborative working environment. Let’s get out there and rid of the influences of insecure people. We need to work with our attitude towards insecurities as this is may evolve to bitterness. The best way to do this is to let go of being insecure. Insecure work results to shitty output!


These are some of the things you can do to keep being positive and let go of being insecure at work:


Find your weakness first

You are insecure because you are weak. Find out what other things are making you weak. Sit still and think about it. Insecurities may lead to social anxiety and jealousy; keep out of it by thinking about yourself and your weak spots. Seek out the things you are afraid of. It may be avoidance of tasks and responsibilities that are keeping you hidden from the limelight, fear of speaking out, fear of rejection, etc. reflect on it and then when you have found it, you can work on it.


Being insecure at may have deeper roots. You may have terrible experiences in the past that is keeping your self confidence low. It is never too late to find a cure for your insecurities. Dig deeper! If you haven’t really had a chance to shine, then this may be the perfect time. Try to do your digging on a reverse chronological order. Start with your current employment, go down to your first job, then to college and so on.  Try to remember some situations in the past where you found yourself very vulnerable.


Insecure people aren’t a result your work environment. It’s the way they think. Get some positive thinking on your head and then perhaps we can start letting go. It isn’t possible to let go of insecurities without having to accept that you have a problem.


Stand up

You have to learn how to fight your weakness or the source of your weakness. You can’t always face it all out. Try to stand before you walk. Figure things out first but put your game face on. If you think you are insecure because of a bad childhood, this is the only thing I can say to you: move on! If it’s a bad relationship: Move on! If it’s getting bullied: move on! You have to raise yourself from the past and learn to live as a new person. You have to stand.

Now there are more complicated things we have to deal with. If you are a competitive person, try to ease out with the competition first. You are getting insecure because of that. You can’t be the best at everything. If you won the steak eating contest, don’t expect to win the marathon too. You just can’t have it all. Everyone has their strengths, thank God for yours. Everyone has their weakness: work on it and stand up.


If you are insecure because you lack confidence, then this is a whole new battle. You lack confidence because you don’t want to find a vulnerable spot where you can be ridiculed. You have fear. My elementary teacher told me: I won’t eat you – this was when I was too afraid to recite. Ever since then, I learned to raise my hand and talk about whatever I thought the answer would be. That doesn’t mean I’m smart – It only means that I am not afraid to be wrong. You could be smarter, raise that hand and talk. Stand up!


People who are insecure work with a scarred heart that can affect relationships at work. You tend to have a less enthusiastic attitude at work. You need to get out of the state of being insecure and start out with a happy heart.  Start to smile and treat work with respect.


Now we walk, then we run

Now that you can raise your hand and talk, we start walking. Standing up against your insecurity doesn’t eliminate it. It means you found it and you are trying to fight it. We need to win the fight.


Get out there and try to go against your old personal flow. Think more positive. Try to accept new tasks assigned without nagging and complaining. Volunteer! It won’t kill you to get out of being insecure at work. It means you are taking responsibility. Without this responsibility, you will never be able to gage your true abilities.


Fight the urge to criticize others, only insecure people does those. Keep your mouth shut and earn yourself some respect. Just zip it. Your mouth speaks what your heart beats for. Talk about something else. Learn to say that you are not perfect and learn to be happy about your current state. I am not saying be content and don’t aim higher. I’m just telling you to be happy. Learn to appreciate others more and you’ll see what you lack. You see differently when you are happy, you see the situations clearer and thus you can do the best things that should be done. People who are insecure work without having to see a bigger picture, a closed mind that can’t generate ideas and tend to have poor decision making.


If you think that you can’t be a winner while continuing to wish for it: this is a recipe for disaster. Stop dreaming and start working. Work smarter and get that promotion. Let go of useless things and try not to act negatively against changes. The most important thing is to recognize yourself, your weakness and your strengths. Think positively and move on!


Does being insecure work? Nope. It never has. It is a negative aspect of our attitude and we need to get out of it. For insecure people, its time to run out and start to really let go.





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