100% Work Done by Staying Positive

Everyone aims to complete the task given to them within the target deadline. But some had a hard time completing even a very simple task; they need somebody’s help to complete it. People have different mindset and paradigm towards tasking. There are people who love new challenges and changes, while others want to stay on their comfort zone and willing to grow old with it. Today, everything happens very fast, the pacing of changes, our life situation, it always follow the current technology trend. If we don’t cling to it, people think we are out of fashion and out of context, we need to adapt change.


What would be its relationship to our task, job and career choices? The answer is very simple, if we will not accept changes, it’s hard for us to complete the given task. Why? Because we are not only talking about our current job situation, but we look for possibility on how to complete the task while adapting changes and integrating the new technology for multi-tasking to achieve more and become more efficient to our own fields.  Competency is a higher today.


There are only two ways that everyone should understand and apply it to their fields of interest. The first is to have a positive thinking mindset. Naturally when we think positive, we will always foresee happiness, good health, success, and a progressive outcome to every situation and events that takes place. It will also teach us to give our full trust and know the steps in making the right decision at the right place and choices. Our paradigm is to complete the giving task positively, having a quality output and contented results. This is the power of having a positive thinking mindset manifestation.


If we believe on positive thinking but do not know how to apply it properly, everything will go back to scratch. Will you say that you think positive but in your own situation you are down when things aren’t going well? Attitude also matters on positive thinking. Our attitude should also be aligned on our positive outlook to achieve what we want.


The second aspect to be considered in completing the task is on our coping mechanism to respond towards work failures and abrupt changes.  Coping is very important particularly in expending conscious effort to solve personal and interpersonal problems, in seeking weaknesses, to minimize or tolerate stress  or conflict. In psychology, coping mechanisms are commonly termed coping strategies or coping skills to continue completing the task that is already in failed situation or in at risk condition. Defense mechanism and mistake justification should not be saturating your coping mechanism. It will worsen the situation. Generally, coping mechanism refers to adaptive or constructive coping strategies that controls coping responses in particular nature of the stressful environment.


In conclusion, combining the two, the positive thinking and the coping mechanism, the result is a 100% quality job/task completion. The concept is very simple. When our work fails, positive thinking will encourage us to stand and continue the task even if we will go back to the scratch. With the help of our coping mechanism, we act immediately without delay and hesitation to start the task despite of all adversity. That’s the secret of staying positing in completing a task 100%.

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