10 Tips to Get the Work Done Quickly

As an employee, you are bound to receive work orders and accomplish reports. Meeting deadlines are common dilemmas of every office worker. Sometimes you may even wish to have the power or magic to get the work done very quickly. Who would want to work overtime? Every worker wants to either go home early or have more time for other activities.

You have tons of papers to encode and your friends whom you have not seen for years want to meet you. Having a job doesn’t have to keep you off from your social life. You just need to be wise and practical. Here are 10 techniques to aid you in getting the work done quickly:

Create goals and manage time.

Before you start working, think wisely of all the tasks or reports you need to finish on that certain day. Divide the number of hours at work with the tasks you need to do. For example, your goal is to finish two long inventory reports and you work 8 hours a day in the office. You can allot 4 hours for each inventory report and take some time for resting in between. Write down these goals on a paper then post it on the side of your computer screen or anywhere in your office that can easily be seen. This helps in reminding you on what you need to do within a particular period of time. Proper time organization also contributes a lot to get the work done without delay.

List your priorities.

With your list of the things you need to do on the day, rank them according to importance. Focus on the most essential task first. Leave those that have a lesser value on the bottom to provide more time for the crucial stuff. This makes you think more positive at work because you know you’ll be able to meet deadlines and avoid waste of time.

Organize your workplace.

Once you have decided on the work you must accomplish within the day, prepare everything you need. Keep away the unnecessary materials. Seeing a pile of papers on your desk can only give you more stress and pressure. You would be able to think more clearly and positive at work with a neat and well-organized environment.


Trust yourself.

To gain others’ trust, you should trust yourself first. Believe in your skills, that you can finish every task assigned to you. Boost your confidence by thinking that you were placed in that position because they knew that you are capable enough for it. Show them that they didn’t make a wrong decision for entrusting you with those responsibilities. Staying positive will bestow you the impulse to work harder.

Know your limitations.

It’s fine to believe in your abilities and grab every opportunity that comes, but never push yourself over your own limits. You might get overwhelmed and let yourself into distress, decreasing productivity. Learn to accept that you’re not Superman who can do everything at the same time. This kind of acceptance doesn’t detach your whim on staying positive. You know your own skills. If you think you can’t handle all the tasks anymore, ask for the help of others. You can tell them your expectations so that they would work accordingly. Working as a team can actually benefit everyone.

Be inspired.

Think of something positive which can be your inspiration for working. Take having a new phone for example. Because you want to replace your old-fashioned mobile phone with a brand new touch screen one, you would definitely do your best in getting the work done in no time. You’ll give off additional effort because you’re looking forward to achieving something. Determination and motivation are indispensable in every job. Be inspired and be positive!

Do not hesitate to start.

When a certain task, whether the simplest or complex, is given to you, begin doing it. Avoid procrastinating and keeping it aside. Never tell yourself, “I’ll do this later.” Instead let yourself do it now. Start with any easier portion that can help you get going with all of the tasks. Remember that once you’ve started, you should maintain concentration.

Do self-study on non-working hours.

This does not mean that you shouldn’t have time for other leisure activities. As mentioned earlier, you must know how to manage your time well. Allocate a few hours in making research or reading books that are related to your work. Educating yourself greatly assists you to get the work done in a more proficient manner. Who knows? You might even get promoted! Having more knowledge is a noble road to success.

Take breaks while working.

No one can work straight for very long hours. The ability to focus attention on a certain task for longer periods is difficult to achieve, especially because distractions are inevitable. Take a brief break once in a while to relax your mind. Make sure not to spend longer time for resting because it breaks the enthusiasm of working. Also, you should get enough sleep at night for you to keep awake and have better focus while doing a project.

Avoid multitasking as much as possible.

Since there are plenty of reports to be done, it is unavoidable to multitask. However focusing on a specific task can give greater advantage. This allows you not to lose concentration, gets you more organized, and can let you have the work done more rapidly.

Bear in mind that you don’t always have to rush with your work because it’s prone for making errors. Working hard and smart while doing the aforementioned techniques can confer the best results.

It’s a fact that there’s a solution meant for each trouble that comes, so stop worrying too much. Never think that you cannot carry out plenty of tasks or get the work done within a short period of time. Be reminded instead that it is possible. Always be positive and you can do well at work and reach the success you’ve always been aiming for.

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  1. That might work in countries where the bosses don’t give a new pile of work “due yesterday” or call you for a sudden meeting 10 minutes before leaving home. It’s not uncommon in my place to being forced to work after hours without any compensation at all.

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