Welcome to Pusitiboo, where everything goes plus. Here at Pusitiboo, we give credit to being positive. To be positive means being happy and being able to do the things that we want to do. To be positive also means bringing an optimistic swagger, a new outlook to life to get you where you want to be. We want to give you tips, tricks, lists and thoughts on how to be positive.

This blog is meant for professionals and businessmen aiming to promote a positive working environment but barred by constantly battling with stress and other obstacles that may come with work. We can get the work done by staying free of negativity and aiming to have affirmations to ourselves. Heck, we can be bigger than ourselves just by staying focused on what truly matters. We can still move on further even when the work is done. We can do more and give more by just changing our moods and keeping the right thoughts.This blog also aims to give individuals help just by getting to know a lifestyle we are trying to promote. If you are trying to cope up with life but hindered by environment, it isn’t luck you are lacking my dear, it’s your lifestyle. Join our ranks, see the world differently, be positive and get that boom you have been seeking.

Whether you are battling stress, aiming to get a promotion, hoping to bring more cash, improving good interpersonal relationships, going up for productivity, trying to increase your sales or just trying to get the work done, we can give you advice with one goal in mind: Helping you get the better of yourself so you can stay on course with a thick plus sign on your forehead – and maybe some dollars blinking out of your eyes.

Actions speak what the heart and mind provoke. Here at Pusitiboo, we provoke ourselves to stay positive whenever we can. Life’s drama never ends but we’d like to offer you a simple solution: be positive! The power of positive thinking holds a different energy that appeals to everyone. Keep yourself contagious with this energy and we’ll get you inch by inch closer to where you ought to be: UP!

Positively yours,
The Pusitiboo Team

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